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When choosing your USB model, go for the best quality to price ratio so people get to know your company

How do you want to personalise your USB sticks with your logo? | Camaloon

How do you want to personalise your USB sticks with your logo?

Our variety of USB sticks is growing to adapt to your brand. You will be able to personalise them choosing the base colour and combining them with the colour of your logo or design. Because what we want is your company to get an item which people will see and frequently share.

Your personalised USB flash drives with one colour printing | Camaloon

Your personalised USB flash drives with one colour printing

We are offering our printing experience so that when you personalise your USB sticks with promotional messages, designs or company logos, the result will be exactly the same as you had hoped and built to last for a long time.

What are Personalised USB sticks?

A USB stick, or USB flash drive, is a small data storage device that includes a memory with certain storage capacity and a USB interface for transferring data files from a computer. A USB stick is usually small, handy and easy to take with you, some can even be attached to your key-chain. When personalising a USB stick the options are endless. Most common is that a company will personalise USB sticks with their logo or promotional messages and hand out to all staff-members, new customers or even on fairs as a promotional product.

What are the benefits of Personalised USB sticks?

Even such a small item can say a lot about your company. Everyday people need to transfer files and information between devices, locations and people, and they can show off your company logo at the same time. A useful and handy promotional item that is easy to bring wherever you go and that will be appreciated by any recipient. Therefore, personalised USB sticks are an extremely effective method of adding visibility to your brand without breaking the bank. At Camaloon we offer personalised USB sticks in a variety of styles and storage capacities, with different ports and materials so you can find one that fits perfectly with your brand.

Who uses Personalised USB sticks?

Any person in the 21st century will benefit from a USB stick and you will most likely find one in each home in the UK, maybe even on every key ring! You can hand out your personalised USB sticks to your staff members, loyal customers or as fancy gifts with engraved personal messages. As USB sticks live a long and useful life; you will benefit from them greatly in terms of marketing; very few items provide publicity as long as USB sticks. Regarding the price, without a doubt it would be worthwhile making your order of USB sticks in bulk; as they are small, you will be able to store them easily, you will save a lot with our special prices, and you will have all the USBs you need to be able to distribute them in any commercial situation.

How to choose the best Personalised USB sticks for your business?

Decide what is your purpose for personalising USB sticks and choose a model based on these criteria. Are you looking for economical promotional USB sticks to hand out at fairs or in welcome packs to new customers, or maybe for more exclusive USB sticks with 3-in-1 ports? At Camaloon we have many models to choose from, with storage capacity ranging from 4GB to 128GB and in different colours and shapes. Our USB sticks can also be attached to personalised key rings so that you will never lose a USB stick again.

Where on the USB-sticks can you print your logo or design?

Despite being small in size, your logo will be printed in a way that ensures visibility and exposure whenever it is used. Most of our USB sticks have aluminium casing, which makes an excellent surface for one-colour prints of company logos or text. When the USB stick is plugged into a computer or other port, the print will be face up. At Camaloon, we are very proud of our printing capabilities, take a look at our personalised badges; they are made just across the road from our office so we can work closely as a team to ensure the best possible print.

How can you conduct a marketing campaign with Personalised USB sticks?

A combination of high-quality personalised promotional merchandise personalised with your company’s logo and name can do wonders for the growth of a company. Imagine your company were to attend an event and wanted to make the maximum impact possible. Along with your personalised USB sticks, you could hand out personalised key rings, we have a wide variety to choose from so we are sure you will find some that will suit your campaign perfectly. No promotional event would be complete without providing high-quality personalised t-shirts so that the attendees of your event will remember it forever.

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