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Personalised wristbands

Create personalised wristbands for business fairs, conferences or music festivals, with your company logo or the name to identify attendees.

Personalised Wristbands are mementoes of your events

Create personalised wristbands that can be handed out as souvenirs of an event while promoting your brand.

Personalised wristbands and their frequently asked questions

What are personalised wristbands?

Wristbands are encircling strips made from fabric, paper (Tyvek) or vinyl, that are worn around the wrist or lower forearm. Personalised wristbands are often handed out to attendees of fairs, festivals, concerts or conferences, and these wristbands are used to allow entry to the designated area where the event is being held. Wristbands are commonly personalised by event organisers in advance of any occasion where they need to control the amount of people accessing, or they order one for each ticket that is sold. Wristbands are usually printed with the name and date of the event, and they can also be accompanied by a company logo and contact information.

Who uses personalised festival wristbands?

Although the name might suggest that personalised festival wristbands are only common at music festivals, gigs or concerts, they are an effective access control measure for any well-organised event. Most wristbands are non-transferrable, and this way you can ensure that only people who actually purchased a ticket and received a wristband have access to the event. Besides the personalised wristband, a practical solution to hold your festival ticket or entry pass is a personalised lanyard that is worn around the neck, but it all starts with getting your festival wristbands personalised.

How do I personalise wristbands for my type of event?

With Camaloon’s innovative and easy-to-use online design tool you will find it no hassle at all to personalise your party or event wristbands. First of all you need to select the fabric you prefer for your event and decide whether the wristband may be removed or not. Once you have chosen your basic wristband, add the number of wristbands you want printed (at least 50). Then it’s time to click on the personalise button and start adding your details. You can switch background colours, add images or icons, and remember that text can be printed in different fonts fitting with your message. Now click on the continue button to finalise your order and proceed to checkout.

How are personalised wristbands part of any successful campaign in the UK?

With personalised wristbands for all your UK events you give yourself the opportunity to design something unique and creative. Our colours range from a discrete transparent to flashy neon and everything in between, and at Camaloon we are convinced you will not run into any problems matching a wristband colour with your company brand and event. Just think of your target clients or the audience that will be attending your event, and have wristbands personalised so that they want to wear them even after your event, promoting your brand wherever they go.

Can personalised wristbands in the UK be ordered with no minimum volume?

Larger merchandise items can be ordered in any desired quantity, but with products as small as personalised wristbands no minimum order from the UK will not work for our state-of-the-art printing facilities. To guarantee the maximum results for your order, we require a minimum of 50 wristbands to be added to your shopping cart. This means that, for example, if you want to order different colours for regular and V.I.P. guests, you will need to order at least 50 of the colours you have selected. Don’t worry though, because 100 personalised wristbands will be gone sooner than you have anticipated.

Where on the personalised wristband will the logo be printed?

Taking part in conferences within your line of industry, launching a new product, or organising other business events looks so much more professional with personalised wristbands with your company logo on them. Your custom designed print of the logo, with or without other promotional messages, will be printed in either one colour or full-colour, depending on the material of the wristband you choose. The print will be made on the outside of the wristband on the dedicated space made for only this purpose. The print can, however, be repeated several times. Available space for your design may differ per material. Check each material for the specifics on its printable space.

Personalised wristbands and their key characteristics

Main benefits of personalised wristbands

Taking the time to design your own personalised wristbands and handing them out at your event is a way of making sure that every person will go home with your company contact details around their wrist. Some people will even keep the wristband as a souvenir, meaning that your custom made wristband will live on long after the event has ended. They have a box in their closet with lots of memorable items, and besides old photos or dried flowers from first boyfriends personalised badges or magnets can also be part of the collection. Each of the items brings back memories of a specific event; what the atmosphere and weather was like that day, who they went with, or what it felt like seeing your favourite band.

Deciding on rubber, Tyvek or fabric personalised wristbands

At Camaloon we offer personalised wristbands in three different materials: rubber (or vinyl), Tyvek (a type of paper) and satin. They can be ordered in many sizes and colours, so you will always be able to find the one that is perfect for your type of event. Our cheap personalised wristbands are made from Tyvek paper, and they are not only the most budget-friendly option, but also a perfect solution for one-day events. They can easily be attached around the wrist with the classic peel-and-stick method, and this makes them non-transferrable. Trying to remove the wristband to sell and hand them over to someone else will automatically result in destroying the wristband.

Our personalised wristbands made from vinyl come in several sizes and in different models. They are waterproof and have a pressure clasp that also makes them non-transferable while still feeling comfortable enough on the wrist to wear them for several days. Finally, we have personalised wristbands made from a satin fabric that can be customised with prints in full-colour. Our satin wristbands have rounded clasps for closing it around the wrist, but these clasps can also be removed and therefore the wristband can be reused. This makes them less suitable for access control at event access points, but it does make them ideal for private events where no official entree fee needs to be paid.

Marrying at a large venue? Design personalised wedding wristbands

Adding that special touch of personalised wedding wristbands doesn’t only make it easier for the many wedding guests to identify with their group, but letting every element of the decorations be in one distinct colour also helps the venue’s personnel to help guests who feel a bit lost. Especially children or elderly people can be confused with so many people dressed up for the special event.

They may end up walking into a bar mitzvah party instead of the wedding they were invited to if it weren’t for the adorable and recognisable wristbands. Every event organiser should come up with the clever idea of customising wristbands when realising the location cannot only be reserved for their group of guests. The same goes for personalised hen party wristbands, although these wristbands are much more about feeling part of your special group than knowing your way around the location where the hen party is being celebrated.

Remember that movie ‘Elizabethtown’ with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom? There was a wedding and a funeral at the same venue. Your personalised wristbands will function the same as Chuck and Cindy’s personalised wedding pens.

Personalised charity wristbands – promotional items for a good cause

If you are organising an event and you will be collecting money to support a cause, you might want to consider selling or giving away promotional products like personalised charity wristbands, personalised caps or personalised T-shirts in return for someone’s contribution.

These types of products never lose their promotional value, and, even better, items like T-shirts and wristbands never go out of style. These are the products that people keep putting on even if they start showing some wear and tear, just to make sure you notice their support to your cause and the fact that they have physical proof they contributed. Research has shown that giving money at charity events, just like supporting crowdfunding activities, makes people feel good about themselves because they have the option to choose their own cause.

A specific target group for personalised children’s wristbands

When it comes to young children and the activities you do with them, nothing beats having personalised children’s wristbands, especially if you are visiting a different location and leaving your own house. If a party is being celebrated in your own back garden, then you don’t necessarily need wristbands or other types of products to easily identify your group. But once you go to a large playground, visit a zoo or take a swim at a nearby lake, personalised party or birthday wristbands are definitely a good idea to keep the group together.

The wristbands should fit a child’s wrist correctly: it should not be too tight, but at the same time the wristband may not be too loose. Counting all your children at the end of the party or activity is easy now that you have the bright coloured wristbands to identify them in a larger group. Other reasons to design personalised wristbands can be: camp, hobbies, sports, or school.

Remember to order personalised wristbands in bulk

If you are already a fan of this product and are aware of its positive promotional effects, then why not order your personalised wristbands in bulk and have a larger stock on hand to support your marketing campaign at each and every event? If your logo or slogan will not change any time soon, or you expect hundreds of visitors to show up at one of your events, a bulk order makes much more sense.

There is no need to keep ordering smaller volumes on a more frequent basis. You are all prepared and set to go, knowing you have all the merchandise you need.

Comparing personalised wristbands with other promotional items

Some of the cheapest yet most effective promotional items include:

Looking at Camaloon’s wide range of products that can be personalised can be confusing as well as tempting. Your enthusiasm will probably go into overdrive discovering the practicality of our online design tool. What matters, though, is that you order the promotional items that fit your budget and that allow for you to spread your message in the best possible way. If your company policy is all about green alternatives and sparing nature, then don’t go for plastic cups, but spend a little extra on personalised mugs with sustainable straws. Choose bags made of recycled polyester or organic cotton instead of ordering those previously mentioned cheap paper bags. It all depends on what your company stands for, what message you want to spread, and what target group you want to impress. As you can see, there are personalised products for every occasion.

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