DTG printing (Direct to Garment)

Everything you need to know about Direct to Garment printing (DTG)

How does DTG work? | Camaloon

How does DTG work?

Direct To Garment - DTG is a full-colour digital printing technology, similar to the printers we would have at home. The system is based on four inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and black - CMYK colours - which are automatically mixed to reproduce a wide range of colours. We print the design you want to personalise directly on the item with the printer.

What are the advantages of DTG? | Camaloon

What are the advantages of DTG?

One of the biggest advantages of DTG is that there is no limit of colors in your design. If you want to print 100 colors, go for it! DTG also allows you to print pictures and other highly detailed designs on your products. Printing with DTG is also incredibly fast, so it is a great choice for rush orders. Last, but certainly not least, DTG on 100% cotton will be 100% soft and comfortable!!

What are the disadvantages of DTG? | Camaloon

What are the disadvantages of DTG?

Although DTG can print a wide variety of colors, it cannot guarantee Pantone colors. Moreover, this technique is usually more expensive than screen printing if you are ordering in bulk. DTG is thus recommended for smaller orders that do not require Pantone matches.

Which products use DTG?

Camaloon offers a vast selection of products that use DTG. Here are some examples:

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