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How does screen printing work? | Camaloon

How does screen printing work?

Over the years, this printing technique has evolved, but the core remains the same. To reproduce your design or image on any material, an ink is transferred by pressing through a mesh stretched in a frame. Where there is no image, the passage of ink will be blocked by a varnish. One ink and one mesh is always used per color, for a limited number of colors.

What are the advantages of screen printing? | Camaloon

What are the advantages of screen printing?

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques, as well as one of the most used for promotional products. That is not without reason, as screen printing is very budget friendly and it is a repetitive printing system, so you can reproduce the design thousands of times without losing definition. With screen printing you can also use the Pantone colors of your brand. There's more! The print is of high quality, guaranteeing a long lasting print, and it can be applied to almost anything!

What are the disadvantages of screen printing? | Camaloon

What are the disadvantages of screen printing?

For individual or small orders it is not the best option, because it has a cost associated with the preparation prior to printing (create a mesh / screen for each color, etc.). Because of this, for many products there is a minimum order required to use screen printing. Moreover, because a screen needs to be created per color, there is a limited number of colors you can use in your design. This limit depends on the product, but it can range from a maximum of 2 colors per design to a maximum of 6 colors per design.

Which products use screen printing?

Camaloon offers a vast selection of products that use screen printing. Here are some examples:

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