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Personalised wooden letters

Wall decor with its own text is a personal interior detail that works just as well in any of the home's rooms as in the office. If you are a company, you can write your brand name in wooden letters and then place the wall decoration in a place where both employees and customers are met by this interior detail. You can also give away wall decoration with your own text to someone as a gift, it works great as a gift for a nursery or wedding. It will be appreciated thanks to the fact that it is a unique, personal and sustainable gift. Another advantage of these wooden letters is that they can look great in any place. Try it for yourself!

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Wooden lettering for different occasions



To capture the attention of visitors during a trade show, it is important that your stand stands out from the crowd. One way to do that is to make it look nice and appealing and what better way than to use wall decor with your own text. Personalise the wooden lettering based on your brand!

The office

The office

You can also use wall decor in the office where this interior detail is as functional as it is stylish. Put up wall decorations with fancy handwriting or motivating words in wood to encourage your employees or use them on office doors to make it easier for new employees and visitors to find the right one.

Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts

Using wall decals with your own print as company gifts is a smart move. Show that you see your employees by handing out gifts to them in the form of wooden lettering after an extraordinary effort or the like. You can use these wooden letters to write the person's name or any other word that matches their amazing effort.

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Personalise wooden letters for whatever the purpose



At Camaloon, we value our relationship with retailers. Wall decal with its own text is one of the products in our product catalog that is particularly advantageous when it comes to retailers. To name a few of the benefits of these wall texts, it is a personal interior detail with a sleek design. In addition, they maintain a high quality, can be designed in many different ways and are affordable. We are constantly working to offer a transparent purchasing process with everything from ordering, manufacturing and delivery. Our team also strives to improve our range of products, quality and price by constantly being aware of new market trends. We want the collaboration between us and resellers to work in the best possible way and therefore we are happy to receive suggestions on how we can improve.

Visual merchandisers

Visual merchandisers

As a visual merchandiser, it's all about creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere inside a store. Partly to attract customers but also to make them want to stay and come back on more occasions. To succeed in creating an attractive store, a lot is required, and the right interior design is an important part of it all. With the help of personalised wooden letters, adapted to your particular store and its purpose, you can increase the appeal of your visual merchandising. You can choose from different fonts to find one that fits perfectly. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose the type of surface finish you want, all so that the design of your wooden letters will match the brand in the best way.

Private individuals

Private individuals

Thanks to the fact that these products can be designed in so many different ways, there is wall decor with your own print for everyone, regardless of personality and interior design style. Wooden letters are a great detail when it comes to home decor as you can add it in an affordable way to any room at home. They also work just as well to give as gifts. Maybe you know someone who has just moved into a new home and needs a little help when it comes to interior design. If you do not want to go there empty-handed the first time you are invited there, wall decor is an excellent moving-in gift. How about writing "Welcome" or something else nice with these wooden letters and give away this decor as a gift?

Why should you order personalised wooden letters from Camaloon?

Wide range

Wide range

We offer several different types of wall decor. With us, you can, among other things, choose whether you want to attach your wooden wall letters directly to the wall or if you want to hang your decoration. You also have the opportunity to choose the font, surface finish and type of wood.

Low prices

Low prices

With us, it is possible to design wall decor with your own text and wooden signs to decorate your home or office at a good price. Use wooden letters to promote your brand during the next campaign and you will see that it will do wonders!

You're the designer

You're the designer

Thanks to our design tool, you can quickly and easily design your own products without any problems. Unleash your creativity and create personalised products with the design that reflects you or your brand.

Laser engraving

Your personalised wooden letters engraved by a laser

For detailed designs

For detailed designs

Laser makes it possible for us at Camaloon to engrave your most detailed design, logo or slogan on your wooden wall decoration.

Long shelf life

Long shelf life

Thanks to the laser, your design stays stylish for a long time, despite frequent use.

Exclusive result

Exclusive result

Wooden wall words that are adapted with the help of lasers always result in excellent and high-quality products!

The advantage of personalised wall decor from Camaloon

We always do our best to ensure you're as satisfied as possible with our products

We are our own manufacturers
We are our own manufacturers

At Camaloon, we are our own manufacturers, which means that we are responsible for the entire process to ensure that you get the best experience possible when you shop with us.

Many years of experience
Many years of experience

We have many years of hard work in our luggage, which has resulted in high-quality products and a professional team that is constantly reviewing the market to find new trends.

Secure deliveries
Secure deliveries

We offer fast deliveries and have many different delivery options for you to choose from. In addition, we offer free delivery of orders over 430 SEK.

Personalised wooden lettering

How long does it take before my wall decoration with my own print is delivered?

Designing wall decals with your own print at Camaloon is not a time-consuming process, quite the opposite. Creating products with us is fast and also fun! Once you have decided which product you want, it's time to use our design tool. With the help of this simple tool, you create your own design in no time. When the design is complete, you can then choose one of our delivery options.

How can I combine wooden letters with other products?

If you feel that your home or office is in need of new furnishings, you can design wall decals with your own print and complement them with a stylish wooden sign. These wooden signs can be customized to match your wishes and bear the family's last name or your company name in a nice way. Let everyone see who lives in your house or make your brand visible with the help of our useful wooden signs.

Can I give away wall decoration with my own print as a gift to someone?

It is a great idea to give away wooden letters as a gift to someone you like. They work just as well as a birthday gift and housewarming gift or as a gift at a baptism or wedding. Another suggestion is to give away wall decals with your own print to your Dad on Father's Day. Write something personal and this gift is guaranteed to be appreciated! If you want more help finding the right Father's Day gift , we have everything you need.

How can I personalise wall decals?

At Camaloon, we give you many choices so that you can create personal wall decor. You can choose between wooden letters to attach directly to the wall or wall decor to hang. You also decide which text, font, surface finish and type of wood you like best. All for a personal end result!

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If there is any product you are missing from our selection, you are welcome to contact us, we are happy to receive suggestions for new products. You can contact us via chat, phone or our customer service email:

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If you are considering making a large order for a certain product but wish to order a product sample first, this is of course fine, as long as the product in question does not have a minimum order quantity. We offer you this opportunity as a customer so that you can more easily get an idea of the product, what it looks like and if you would like to make any changes before the real order is sent out. We recommend that you talk to someone with us to find out the terms in your particular case. If you as a company wish to order a product sample, you are warmly welcome to contact us. We will help you!

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It is possible to change the delivery address as long as your order has not left our factory. After your order has been sent, we do not make any changes to the delivery address.

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In the same way as if you want to change something in an order, it is good to cancel your order as long as the production of your products has not started. Once your order has passed this step, no cancellations can be made.

How do I get in touch with Camaloon?

It is important to us that our customers feel that they can communicate with us without problems in an open and simple way. At the slightest thought, we therefore want you to contact us so that we can help you and answer your questions. You can contact us via chat, telephone or via our customer service e-mail: For as smooth a process as possible, you can identify yourself using the order number on your order, as long as you have one.

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