is not taking orders and the company behind it stopped all operations in September 2022. The company is going through a bankruptcy procedure.

Welcome packs created, stored and delivered!

We know how important time and planning are for you and your company, and we are here to help you! Choose our warehousing solution and forget about dealing with order fulfillment, shipping, or stock management. With our new service, you will be able to stock as many welcome packs as you wish in our warehouse, and we will fulfill your welcome packs, and ship them, whenever and wherever you need them. Easy, right?

  • Stock more, pay the same
  • Save time and space
  • Sort all the packs in advance
  • Send your welcome packs faster

Storage & fulfillment fee

Unlimited quantity


  • Store the welcome packs and send them when you need
  • Unique price rate
  • Cut long delivery times
  • You customize your box and we store it

Start your inventory today

Get assistance from our advisors

Get assistance from our advisors

The first thing you need to do in order to start this warehouse journey is choose the amount of welcome packs that you would like to purchase with us. Our advisors will help you to come up with the best solution.

Your packs fulfilled and stocked

Your packs fulfilled and stocked

We will fulfill your welcome packs and store them in our warehouse. Every time you need to send welcome packs to your new employees or customers, contact your advisor, and we will take care of it.

Ship your packs whenever you need

Ship your packs whenever you need

Once you need to send your welcome packs from your inventory to their final destination, give us the order, and we will manage the shipment.

Ready to learn more about our Warehouse solution?

Schedule a live demo today!

  • Create and personalise your pack at the same time. Hassle-free!
  • No worries, we deliver for you to the new employee's home, ahead of time.
  • Enhance your new employee satisfaction and boost company integration.
  • Decrease cost by more than 35% when choosing our curated packs.
  • Ask for a large volume and get special prices and storage options!

What can you expect?

Our offering.

Meet our services

Customize your package

Customize your package

We offer you different ways to customize your pack, so you can choose depending on your needs.

Build your welcome pack

Build your welcome pack

Undecided? Build your own welcome pack by choosing the products you want from our catalogue to get the perfect pack!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do packs take to be delivered?

Once you have entered your delivery address, you will be shown a variety of delivery options as well as available delivery dates.

What information do you need from me about my clients or employees?

If you are shipping to separate locations, we will need individual addresses to ensure that the boxes are delivered to the correct ones, and if you want to include size-based clothing, we will need their sizes.

How many products are in the box?

It depends on the pack. Each pack is different and tailored to a specific occasion.

Can the boxes be delivered to multiple locations?

Yes! You can either buy one pack at a time or contact us and we will arrange for your packs to be delivered to different locations.

What design tools are available for personalising products?

We worked hard to create an easy-to-use online design tool that allows you to customise your products and see how your products will look once printed. It's extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity, so we can process orders as low as one pack.

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