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Personalised pencil cases

Make your day and the day of your clients or students more colourful with our options of cases and pencil sets, where you can keep all your pencils, sharpeners and erasers in one place. Personalised pencil cases are very handy and convenient to carry in a bag or backpack. They are equally useful for people of different ages. It is also a perfect promotional product for schools or organisations to reach their target audience and their parents. Our products are durable, practical and versatile, perfect for those who love to keep everything organized, keeping their writing materials in perfect condition. We offer pencil cases made from polyester in a range of colours and with zipper closures, and that is why we are sure that you will find the best option of personalised pencil cases and/or holders that best suit your needs.

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Easy personalisation

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Why should you buy promotional personalised pencil cases?

There are different situations where you can use our pencil cases and holders, we give you three examples:

Advertising merchandise

Advertising merchandise

Customised tin pencil cases are excellent products for advertising merchandise, whether it's for adults in the workplace or young students. Take the opportunity to promote your brand with an accessory that we need on a daily basis to store writing utilities. You can print your logo and slogan on top of the case, making each client remember your company every time they use or see the set.

Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts

Give incentives to your employees and welcome new hires with a quality pencil holder. Promotional pencil cases are becoming increasingly popular in different environments, but especially in the workplace. A pencil case set allows professionals to have their table organized, keep a close eye on the pens and pencils that always tend to disappear, plus it will improve their performance.

Different events

Different events

Advertising your brand well is one of the most important factors during an event, whether it's a regional fair where you are supporting some social initiatives, a corporate event or a large conference. Add value to your campaign by giving your target audience an accessory that is not just one more among many others, but something that they will like for its usefulness and design.

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Why trust us to get your promotional pencil cases?

On our website you will find multiple options of materials for the product, types of printing for personalisation and different delivery time options



Our team of specialists is always looking for a way to improve the product quality, production processes and the quality of the service in general. It is done via trend studies, rethinking current conditions and generating new possibilities to continue surprising our customers with a wide variety of products, affordable prices, customer service and delivery options.

Quality and quantity

Quality and quantity

We support each and every one of our clients and that is why we have companies of different sectors and sizes trust us to promote their brands. In Camaloon you have the possibility to request different quantities of products, according to your needs and budget. The items are produced in our own factory, ensuring a high print quality for each product.

Speed of service and delivery

Speed of service and delivery

We seek to manage our orders efficiently so that you receive your products as soon as possible or on a specific date. After selecting the item of your preference, and customising it with your design, you can choose between one of our 3 delivery options. If you need to make changes to the shipping address, you can do so before the product leaves for delivery.

Who are our clients for promotional custom pencil cases?

Our cases are ideal for different types of audiences

Schools and Universities: school pencil cases

Schools and Universities: school pencil cases

Make everyday at school more fun. One of the ways to do that is with different models of personalised pencil cases for children and young students. Choose the model that suits your purpose and print the logo of your institution. That will promote your brand with an essential product for your students and pupils. We offer pencil cases and holders with original shapes and designs that will definitely make a good impression! We are sure that everyone who receives this gift from your educational centre will make good use of their new pencil case. Take the opportunity to choose between different models, colours and sizes, some of our options even have a sticky note pad and/or storage space. Make your name stand out with personalised pencil case sets!

Social events

Social events

In a market that is increasingly competitive, it is necessary to constantly be innovative with marketing strategies if we want to keep our audience and attract new customers. To achieve this we must explore different ways to connect and create a true relationship with our target audience. Nothing better than approaching the consumer through an interesting dialogue. This dialogue can be achieved by showing that your company is not just thinking about selling, but rather sharing the solidarity with important causes, by relating your company to a topic that is relevant to many people and goes hand in hand with the values of your brand. Take the opportunity to distribute your promotional personalised kits to the participants of regional parties and social events that your company sponsors or participates in, reinforcing your positioning, values and letting other people know about your business!

Resellers: childrens pencil cases

Resellers: childrens pencil cases

From the beginning, Camaloon has offered customisation of promotional products to companies around the world and has a B2B business model geared towards bulk orders and fast customer delivery. That is why we respect and focus a lot on our resellers. Within the category of personalised stationery, we offer resellers and their customers the best product options. The choice of those products is thought out very carefully using the buyer personas technique, that is why you can find different sets of girls pencil cases, boys pencil cases and pencil cases for artists. The entire ordering, production and delivery process is clear and transparent. White labels are a must for Camaloon, we respect the integrity of your brand and we want you to achieve maximum success with your customisable items. On a regular basis, we look for new trends in the market. We strongly believe in the power of cooperation and welcome suggestions or ideas to further improve the quality of our service.

What are the types of printing used for promotional pencil cases?

At Camaloon we make different types of prints to personalise our products depending on the material, design and quantity



It is one of the most common methods for printing on different surfaces. One of the advantages of screen printing is the possibility to easily adjust to the printing area requirements. Screen printing is also renowned for having high durability and being able to print in large quantities.

DTG - Full-colour

DTG - Full-colour

Full colour printing allows us to create limitless combinations of colors by using the CMYK code palette, which is based on 4 colours. With this technique you can give greater visibility to your brand thanks to a high-quality print and also, obtain the ability to highlight specific details of your images on different surfaces.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a customisation process that modifies the surface of an object to a certain depth, giving a personal and unique touch to the design of your branded pencil case. With this type of printing, you can engrave virtually any design in one colour and 3D effect.

Why trust us?

Customer experience
Customer experience

We want our clients to have the best possible experience when buying school pencil cases from us. That is why we offer the option of creating your design online in multiple languages. The best experts of the sector will offer you the best possible service.

International company
International company

We are an international company based in Barcelona that has been dedicated to customising promotional items and corporate gifts since 2007. Over the years we have been expanding our product catalogue and our distribution geography.

Cooperation with global companies
Cooperation with global companies

We aim to constantly improve our catalogue and services so that our consumers can find what they need quickly and easily. That's why we launched our one-click POD service, where you can make print requests from Shopify and WooCommerce.

Why should you customise pencil cases?

We have prepared a short guide on how and why to choose our promotional cases

Why is it important to have personalised products?

Companies have to innovate to stay afloat especially today. And there is no better way to attract a specific audience than offering a personalised experience both to existing loyal customers and potential clients. We all love unique and special experiences but with all the benefits of modern technology, it does not mean that classical branded promo is no more efficient.

What are the benefits of offering customised products?

With promotional item options, such as personalised pencil cases for kids that we offer on the Camaloon website, you will be creating an additional level of communication with your audience. The product is no longer just any object rather than a valuable message that the customer can share on social networks. Besides, it is also a loyalty strategy. Surprising clients after they make a purchase is what makes them feel important to you. A satisfied customer is more likely to buy again, especially if your company makes them feel valued.

How to make promotional custom cases for your business?

Cases are promo items that can be used as giveaways or incentive gifts for different marketing campaigns throughout the year. Whether it is a company or study centre, private or public sector. Why not include pencil cases and holders into customised welcome packs for new students and employees, providing unique visibility to your business?

How to choose the best option among our customisable cases?

If you have doubts or you are not completely sure about which of our options of pencil cases is the ideal model for you, our customer support team will be able to advise you and clarify any doubts you have before and at the time of placing your order. In addition, given that we have a large choice of models of cases, sets and customised pencil holders, you will be able to find the one that suits your needs and promotional activities best.

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Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Yes! You can change the address as long as the product has not left our factory. We do not make changes to the delivery address once the product has been already shipped.

Is it possible to request a sample of a product?

Camaloon offers the possibility of requesting a sample of a specific product as long as the product does not have a minimum order quantity. So that before placing large orders, you could have an idea of how it would look and make changes if necessary. If you are a company and would like to request a sample of a product, contact us and our team will help you in the best possible way.

Can I make changes or cancel an order?

We offer the possibility of making modifications or cancelling an order, provided that the request is made before the product goes into production. Once they have passed this stage, no changes and/or cancellations can be made.

How can I contact Camaloon?

It is crucial for Camaloon to offer open and easy communication with our clients. For any questions or doubts, we welcome you to contact us by live web chat and phone number you find below or through the customer service email: If you already have the reference number of your order, you can identify yourself through it and we will help you.

Can't find what you need?

Our team of advisors is on hand to help you create the perfect promo items and corporate gifts, to take your business to the next level.

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