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What is event marketing and how do you successfully promote events?

  • Event marketing is simply using events, conferences, any occasion with large gatherings of people to hand out customized merchandise to increase your brand’s image.
  • Merchandising for events is essential these days as it is important to make your guests feel comfortable and so they remember your name.
  • A simple start would be handing out lanyards or wristbands as identification at the entrance of your event and then finishing by giving out customized gifts such as custom t-shirts, custom notebooks, or keychains.

Handing out gifts at events make them unforgettable

Our wristbands and lanyards are the perfect products to complement any event to add a touch of professionalism and organisation. They should be handed out at the entrance to make each participant easily known and to make they feel safe and included. We have a variety of options to make selecting the right wristband easy, and with our online design tools you will be able to design them however you want with ease. After you have designed your products, we will even review the design and the end result to make sure your promotional merchandise is exactly as you had imagined.

Depending on the occasion, it could definitely be worth designing a product or two to supplement your promotional efforts. To put this into perspective, imagine being part of a conference and handing out custom t-shirts with your company’s logo and message printed on them; you can even create custom bags to put them in. Nothing makes clients and attendees of events feel more comfortable and included than free personalised gifts. And to put the cherry on the cake, you could even present them with personalised notebooks so they can jot down any relevant information in a beautifully made notebook covered in your perfect design.