Face masks are becoming part of our daily routine so Camaloon is here to offer you a wide range of face masks for you to customize. Protect yourself and the ones around you with your own eye-catching custom face mask. Face masks can be a very powerful and unique tool for your promotional campaign or company policy, show your employees and customers that you care about their health and well-being by giving them branded face masks with your company logo. Our selection of custom face masks includes disposable and reusable face masks, as well as custom face masks for kids. At Camaloon, we are proud to say that we are our own manufacturers. You can print on your face masks or get them without customization as fast as in within 48h. We are the ones that print on your face masks, take care of your design as well as the packaging and ship it to you the customer, making sure for you to have an easy and satisfactory experience of buying promotional face masks until the very end. Custom face masks are starting to be of big promotional use for many companies and individuals, so get your hands on your own custom face mask today!

Custom face masks for everyone

Custom face masks with your print ready to be used by your employees or customers

Simple and easy way to print reusable face masks | Camaloon

Simple and easy way to print reusable face masks

Face masks are becoming part of our daily routine, so take this opportunity and print your custom face masks that you can give out to your customers or employees. As a tech company we made sure for you to have an easy designing process by using our incredibly simple and user friendly designing system on our website, moreover being our own manufacturers we guarantee quality by controlling every step of the production process.

Ideal place to get your custom face masks for resell | Camaloon

Ideal place to get your custom face masks for resell

If you're looking for custom face masks to resell, you need our face masks. Our attractive bulk order prices are one of the best ones you'll find on the market, making them ideal for your business. Choose the ones that will compliment the values of your business from our wide range of custom face masks, and offer your customers reusable and environmentally friendly face masks with your print on.

Prevention and protection by using our custom face masks | Camaloon

Prevention and protection by using our custom face masks

We offer a wide variety of custom masks for you to choose from. You can choose from the most simple disposable face masks to a self-filtering mask. Most of our masks are reusable and have a high percentage of BFE, many are washable and come with filters for you to change, we even have face masks made from materials that do not cause allergies or irritations. We made sure that in our range of custom face masks there is something for everyone.

Customized face masks ideal for prevention and keeping a safe environment

Choose the face masks suitable for your business

Do you have reusable custom face masks?

We offer a variety of reusable face masks from different materials with or without customization for you to choose from:

What variety of custom face masks do you have?

In our selection you can find disposable, reusable, surgical face masks as well as face shields:

Do you have face masks for kids?

Camaloon takes care of the young ones too! We have selected the perfect face masks for kids to customize:

What standards do your custom face masks meet?

The Camaloon team has made sure to give you the best selection of face masks to customize. We have a variety of respiratory face masks that comply directives and requirements such as: EN 14683:2019 and Directive 93/42/CEE, EN149:2001 + A1:2009, OEKO-TEX, BFE >90% and much more.

How fast can I get my custom face mask?

We strive to deliver your orders as soon as possible, that is why at Camaloon we give you the possibility to get your custom face mask within 48h if it is without customization and without any minimum order quantity.

Why get custom face masks from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your well-being. We've gathered a wide range of face masks for you to customize, you can choose between different materials and types, have it printed or not, or to even add custom packaging. Everything in order for you to get your perfect custom face mask.

Another reason is because we are our own manufacturers. That means we take care and put great importance into the entire process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it and shipping it to you, so you can get your face mask as fast as within 48h.

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