How to design?

1) Use our online designer

Design your Buttons, Magnets, T-shirts, Skins and Stickers comfortably. No need to install any software.

You can easily add an image, texts and icons to create nice designs quickly. You'll pass through the atelier automatically during checkout and you can add as many designs as you want. The Atelier accepts JPG and PNG files.

2) Use your own software

If you're comfortable with software like Photoshop, read on:

  • Templates: You can use the Templates we prepared for you. Download the files and start creating. Make sure you delete the template lines before your save your files.
  • File format: We accept PNG or JPG files. These formats will allow you to have a preview of your work in our atelier when you place the order.
  • Colour scheme: We only work with CMYK colour mode. To ensure correct colour printing, your files should be in this colour mode and in colour profile Coated FOGRA39. Files in RGB colour mode will be converted to CMYK, which can result in slightly different colours from those expected. We do not work directly with PANTONE colours. In any case use a CMYK equivalent.