Payment methods

You can pay by:

- Credit or debit card
- Bank transfer.

If you choose a bank transfer, we will provide the necessary information after you select this payment method in your cart. Remember: bank transfer payments are only available for amounts over €20.00 (does not include VAT).

We will start working on your order once we have your transfer confirmation. Keep in mind that the delivery date can change depending on when we confirm/receive the payment.

VAT Exemption

Are you a company residing in Europe but not in Spain with a valid European VAT Number? If so, you don't have to pay VAT in Spain.

During the order process we will ask you to introduce your company’s VAT number. If it is correct you will not be charged for the VAT. If there is an error and you think you should not be charged VAT please get in contact with us at help@camaloon.com.