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Got an upcoming event? Take a look at our badge maker!

Simply personalize badges with your company's details and logo.

Very quick and easy online badge maker

Customize badges for all occasions. Surprise everyone with unique details.

So many options | Camaloon

So many options

Camaloon is definitely the pin badge maker you've been looking for. We have been creating and perfecting our badges for over 7 years. We now offer badges in many different sizes, shapes and finishes, so your badges will be absolutely unique. Apart from the classic shiny finish, we have matte, golden, metallic and glow-in-the-dark finishes.

Customizing is easy | Camaloon

Customizing is easy

With our easy-to-use online tool upload your photos, logos, and designs or try our themed icons to decorate your badges. Add text with the most popular fonts. While you are designing your badges you will be able to see exactly how they will look. Create your badges exactly the way you like without wasting too much time and effort!

Strengthen your marketing with our badges!

Our badge maker makes sure your clients will never forget!

How to make custom buttons?

  1. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes that best suit your needs.
  2. Using Camaloon’s online tool, upload your logo, designs, images, text, etc.
  3. Once the design is finished it will be evaluated and once they have been printed the outcome will be assessed so they are absolutely perfect.
  4. The next step will be to simple decide the quantity you would like to order.
  5. Receive your custom buttons and start using them immediately.

Camaloon has perfected an online tool which makes designing products such as personalized buttons so much easier.

Custom pin buttons are just a drop in the ocean here at Camaloon

At Camaloon, we have a large team of experts in producing and designing promotional products, and one of our greatest specialities is personalised buttons. Our personalised pin buttons are made just across the road from our main offices so we can work together closely to get the best results. These custom pin buttons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes so they can display exactly what you had in mind. You can create your custom pin buttons however you want and we will review the design and end result for absolutely nothing because we want you to be happy with your products. If you order your custom badges in bulk, you will always have them nearby whenever you get the opportunity to promote, whether you put them in parcels or give them away at events, you will be ready.

We offer an immense amount of promotional items you could use for promotional activities. Custom magnets would go perfectly at any event so your logo and brand sticks in your client’s head for ages. On top of that, we offer custom t-shirts at very competitive prices, using either DTG printing or screen printing so your logo and message will look perfect. We also use these printing techniques on custom tote bags so you can create a beautiful design and print it on various items to really drive home your promotional efforts. Printing your brand in a stylish and attractive way on essential and popular products is a proven way of increasing brand awareness and company growth.

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