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Personalized coasters: wooden, glass, leather and more

    How does it work

    1. Choose your product

    1. Choose your product

    Scroll through our personalized coasters section to find the one that best suits your company's promotional needs. With our range of coasters, we can almost guarantee that we have what you are looking for. So, take a good look at our range of products and select the coaster that would make your brand, logo or slogan look the best.

    2. Add customization

    2. Add customization

    After you've chosen the perfect coaster, it's important to select the correct measurements, images, and fonts. Select the number of products you need, then unleash your creativity! Our concise customization tool allows you to add images and text in a variety of different fonts.

    3. We will do the rest

    3. We will do the rest

    Once you are happy with the result of the product and its customization, sit back and relax, we will take care of it from there. Your product will go through Camaloon's supplemental quality control to ensure it looks exactly as you envisioned. Then, as you plan how you are going to use these products, you can relax knowing that an exciting new chapter for your business is on the way.

    Frequent questions

    How to make personalized coasters?

    You can personalize your coasters in many ways: with your brand logo, text or more complex designs such as illustrations and photographs. When it comes to colors, there is no need to limit yourself; We offer models that can be customized with one-color screen printing and others that use the full-color UV printing technique.

    With Camaloon you can unleash your creativity, we will take care of making your ideas come true.

    How to promote my brand with personalized coasters?

    With the personalized coasters you will have the possibility of being in the day to day of all your clients, since being a very practical product they will always use it. Coasters are useful in any situation where there are drinks: at home, at a party, in a meeting, in the office or in a restaurant, to name a few. The best and most effective promotional products are useful, practical and attractive to people. Personalized coasters meet all these characteristics.

    What is a coaster?

    Coasters, also known as cup holders, are utensils on which glasses, bottles, mugs, glasses and other similar objects rest to avoid wetting or soiling the tablecloth, table or bar.

    The coasters can be of different shapes such as round or square, and you can find models that are made of materials as varied as cardboard, paper, plastic, cork, bamboo, even non-slip latex or polyester.

    What kind of coasters do you offer?

    In our section of personalized coasters you will find models varied in shapes, material and thickness. We have reusable and single-use coasters, so you can choose according to your need.

    You will also get models with extra functions that make them even more practical and attractive, such as coasters with a bottle opener and even a coaster with a notepad.

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