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Customized coasters won't let your clients slip away

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Customized coasters are ideal for a big campaign

Custom coasters are items on which you can rest your glasses, mugs, or similar drink items, to protect the surface upon which they are placed, be that a table or anywhere else a drink could be placed. The first coasters were designed for wine bottles of decanters to make it easy for the bottles to be slid or 'coast' around the dinner table and were typically made of wood or silver plate. They come in all different shapes such a round and square and are generally made from high grammage paperboard, cardboard, paper, plastic and even less common materials like cork. Non-slip latex is even used to keep your drinks in place.

You don't have to take your clients on a rollercoaster to make them remember you. In around 1880 the first cardboard beer mats were introduced by a German printing company, and for good reason. Customized coasters offer you the chance to be present in the day to day of your customers, putting you in their minds.

Custom coasters slide perfectly into your advertising plans

If you want to really push your brand with customized promotional products, why not consider creating a group of items that will all create awareness of your business and constantly remind your clients of our products or services. Custom mugs go hand in hand with customized coasters as do customized bottles and flasks. Both of these items have the potential to be used every single day by the recipients which is one of the keys to successful promotional items.

With us here at Camaloon, you have endless options to create products for your campaigns. Custom thermo flasks offer something a little different and less common and still fit perfectly alongside your customized coasters.

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