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Personalized stationery

Stationery customized with your brand

Turn your promotional products into personalized stationery that your clients will never want to replace

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Monetize your business strategy with custom stationery
Your brand under control - Camaloon

Your brand under control

Quality surfaces et printing techniques to reproduce your design or logo with perfect accuracy.

Better together - Camaloon

Better together

Custom notebooks and pens are an ideal promotional duo. No need for words.

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We understand your campaign

... and your budget: this is why we have great models that cover a wide range of prices

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Highest quality

All of our products are top quality. We take care of every detail.

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Personalize things easily

Create or import your design, or choose from many online templates.

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We review your design

We check every single order to make sure printing is perfect – free of cost.

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Express order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

Effective and affordable custom stationery

We prove our expertise in custom promotional products by working to make sure that our experience creating custom stationery benefits your marketing activities: see our catalog of custom pens and notebooks, and contact us to request a tailor-made printing quote, which you will receive in record time and without any obligation. They might be popular and affordable products for everyone, but that does not mean you cannot surprise people by turning your notebooks and pens into irreplaceable items. We can help you with that!

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Practical and useful accessories to make your brand memorable: Custom stationery is your best bet

Who does not like the simplicity and practicality of using a pen and paper sheets to write down ideas or tasks? Imagine how many times you can use them on a daily basis: you will find that personalized stationery, customized with your logo or design, makes your clients’ lives easier. And it is the ideal way to give visibility to your brand and make people remember it. Everyone needs stationery and we all have a particular place to store it, such as our workplace, our purse or our bag.

When you give your clients or your employees a custom notebook, you are giving them the perfect opportunity to express themselves. It is also a chance to let you express what is unique to your brand: use the front and back covers to reproduce your designs or logo on top of the brightest notebook colors, and with the highest print quality. Customizing your brand image is easy with our A5 and pocket notebooks. They are practical for any occasion!

Also, when we have a notebook in front of us, isn’t it easy to grab a pen and start scribbling or taking notes? This personalized stationery product is a perfect match for the notebooks: just think of them being used at events or fairs. The custom pens allow you to promote your company logo in a quick and very affordable way, by printing it onto a small product that is easy to carry around. It is easy to lend custom stationery (such as pens) to other people, and this fact is what helps your brand to make an impact on more prospective clients at a very low cost.

Here at Camaloon, we offer a wide range of promotional pens, so you can surprise everyone with your favorite type. We took into account quality and affordability to create our catalog of pens, but we also kept in mind their use as writing tools and the accurate reproduction of your logo.