Your notebook, personalized your way. We have an array of styles and sizes, with hand-held pocket notebooks and large A4 notepads. Choose a stapled, section-sewn or spiral-bound notebook, opening horizontally or vertically for a binding that suits you. We have a variety of cover materials too, such as PU leather hardcover notebooks as well as flexible and recycled cardboard softcover notebooks. We even have a range of Moleskine products for extra special designs. What’s more, you get to decide whether the pages are blank or ruled! 100% customization is available on some of our notebook models because, when it comes to creating your notebook, we're all on the same page!

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Custom notebooks with the best printing possible

Silk screen printing or notebooks | Camaloon

Silk screen printing or notebooks

Custom notebooks can be personalized with silk-screening, a common and economical way of printing logos or designs. The ink is transferred to your notebooks by pushing through a mesh stretched in a frame. This is the best option for ordering in bulk and your custom notebooks will be brilliant for promotional giveaways at company functions or fairs!

Digital printing for notebooks | Camaloon

Digital printing for notebooks

Digital printing allows you to make your notebook as colorful as possible. The effect is achieved by transferring a digital image onto the cover of your notebook, meaning you can combine any variety of colors and display your graphic in all its creative glory!

Laser engraving on notebooks | Camaloon

Laser engraving on notebooks

Laser engraving is available in PU leather, bamboo and denim effect books. This elegant effect is achieved by etching your company name or logo onto the material, revealing the color beneath. Both classy and long-lasting, laser-engraved custom notebooks make for great gifts for special clients or partners, or as premium products to be sold.

Debossing your notebook | Camaloon

Debossing your notebook

Customize your Moleskine notebooks with a timeless design with debossed patterns. By applying heat to the right areas, the impacted areas of the Moleskine notebook cover will sink to show the design of your choice, giving your company's logo an air of sophistication, and your notebook a touch of class.

Notebooks personalized on both sides | Camaloon

Notebooks personalized on both sides

Thanks to our new double-sided printing, you can now make your notebooks twice as decorative, or give your brand twice the exposure. Pick from our selection of custom notebooks for which double-sided printing is possible and choose which of your slogans, logos, images or promotional messages is going on the front and back!

Notebooks with full-cover printing | Camaloon

Notebooks with full-cover printing

Can't get enough creativity? We now offer notebooks with full-cover printing, so you can fill every last space with your designs, logos and slogans - Or print high-quality pictures to cover the front and back of your notebook. Promote your brand in style with personalised notebooks that let you be both decorative and diligent!

Maximum quality | Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.

Easy personalisation | Camaloon

Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.

We review your designs | Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free to ensure that the printing is perfect.

Express delivery | Camaloon

Express delivery

Receive your order in record time with tracked delivery.

Why companies trust us to produce custom notebooks

A personalized experience, every step of the way

Business process that ensures quality | Camaloon

Business process that ensures quality

We buy all of our custom notebook models directly from the source, enabling us to ensure great quality and offer a wide variety of notebooks to personalize. What’s more, we test different printing techniques on every product, so we can advise you on how to design and order the right notebooks for your needs.

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience | Camaloon

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience

Our easy to use technology makes personalising notebooks a piece of cake. From choosing the right model to adding your image or text and previewing your notebook before ordering, we guarantee an easy experience throughout the whole customising process.

Quality of production | Camaloon

Quality of production

All of our notebook printing, engraving and debossing is done in-house, whilst many of our models are manufactured by us too! To make sure your notebook turns out exactly how you envisaged, we have a team of experts to validate every order. We’re also at hand to deal with any post-order problems that may arise!

Custom notebooks to increase business

How custom notebooks can benefit your company

What are custom notebooks?

A notebook is a book of paper pages bound together, and they are used for all sorts of reasons, such as taking notes, writing stories and drawing sketches to name but a few. Custom notebooks are when you get to decorate the front cover to show your logo and promote your business or print your design and sell as a stylish piece of stationery. Because they can be used to for a whole host of reasons, they are great for exposure. Because they usually consist of important notes, valuable work or great ideas, they never get thrown away. So even when there’s no more space to fill in your custom notebooks, the power of having your logo printed on the cover lives on!

Who uses custom notebooks?

Personalized notebooks can be used for so many things! Leave a lasting impression on partners or look the part in client meetings with classy designs and sophisticated logos printed onto your notepads. Give away logo notebooks at conferences to make sure your brand is seen and remembered every time your client takes notes. You can even design stunning, high-quality journals or photo notebooks to sell as merchandise or stock in your shops. Because they are so versatile, you can market them for any use: print photos of wonderful destinations for travel journals, inspirational quotes for student notepads or beautifully engraved, hardcover notebooks to make perfect gifts. Custom printed notebooks are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your notebook and make it your logo or own design stand out!

How do I choose which custom notebooks are best for my needs?

Thanks to our wide selection, we are confident when we say: We have the right custom notebooks for your needs. Our notebook selection offers a choice of sizes and materials, and most of our notebooks come with a choice of blank pages or ruled. So which type of writing pad will your company use? Or, what sort of notebook do want to sell in your shop? Large notepads with blank pages make great sketchbooks for artists, whilst hand-held pocket notebooks are ideal for journalists and reporters writing shorthand notes on the go. Both students and office workers alike find exercise books and notepads incredibly useful when taking down important notes to revise later. With every model ready to customise the choice of which notebook to personalize is entirely yours!

Where to print on custom notebooks?

Decorative notebooks are extremely popular, and so personalisation can make your notebook extra special. The front covers of your notepads or journals make for great canvases to print impactful designs that will be seen. If one side isn’t enough, you can even choose double-sided printing for cover-to-cover creativity! Because different varieties of notebooks and pads are used for all sorts of reasons, in every profession, it’s a great way of having your brand seen by the masses. Looking for something specific to take note of important dates too? Take a look at our personalized planners to give your clients and employees something to organize their days and have your logo seen all year long!

Why are custom notebooks beneficial to my business?

custom notebooks are extremely beneficial for many reasons. Not only are notepads ubiquitous items of everyday office use; they are also excellent for having your logo exposed. boost your brand identity internally, or include branded notebooks at company fairs and events for token giveaways that are guaranteed to be useful. Engrave or heat press your logo into hardcover notebooks to leave a first-rate impression on important partners and clients. Little details can make a big difference when promoting your brand. Another practical promotional product that can help expose your logo to the masses are custom bags. They can be taken everywhere and offer a great big space to make your design the center of attention. Like notepads, you can even include them in promotional giveaways. Lightweight custom tote bags are modern, stylish and great for promoting your brand. Give them away at business functions or include them as a freebie when somebody buys one of your photo notebooks!

How do I create my custom notebooks?

Personalising your notebook, notepad or journal is easy here. First, choose from our wide selection of styles made from different materials and with various choices of binders. If you want to double up on decoration or brand exposure, make sure you check out which models offer double-sided printing. After that, choose whether you would like blank pages or ruled. Finally, our easy-to-use design tool makes adding your logo and visualising your notebook effortless! Once you’ve added your notebook to your basket why not carry on the creativity before checking out.

Noteworthy uses for custom notebooks

Some top tips on using custom notebooks in your business

Resellers | Camaloon


Notebooks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and decorations. They have many uses, which make them great items to personalize and sell. Stock your shop with high-quality custom notebooks with creative and contemporary designs, or put your band logo or club crest on your customised journals to make money from merchandising.

Promotions and giveaways | Camaloon

Promotions and giveaways

Custom notebooks are both really useful and easy to decorate, making them a brilliant giveaway at corporate events or during promotional campaigns. Make your clients think positively about your brand every time they need to take notes, jot down a great idea or write something creative!

Corporate use | Camaloon

Corporate use

Personalized notepads and notebooks are used daily in office environments, making them a brilliant way to promote your brand identity internally. Help your new starters feel a part of the company instantly, whilst giving them a useful gift they can use to jot down everything they learn in the first few weeks on the job!

Custom notebooks from Camaloon

The right place to get your custom notebook from

Which are your best-selling custom notebooks?

Our best-selling notebooks are the ones that have a great quality to cost value! Check them out:

Why get custom notebooks from Camaloon?

Because we care about you and your promotion campaign. We have put together a wide range of notebooks for you to customize, you can choose from different materials and types, have them printed or not, or even add custom packaging. Everything to get your perfect custom notebook.

Another reason is that we are our own manufacturers. That means that we take care and give great importance to the whole process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it, and sending it to you, so that you can get your custom notebook as fast as in 48 hours.

What variety of custom notebooks do you have?

We have gathered a wide variety of custom notebooks to choose from, we have hardcover and softcover notebooks, moleskine notebooks, ruled or plain notebooks and much more!

Moreover, if you are looking for a custom notebook and pen, we have a large selection for you to choose from:

Do you have eco friendly notebooks?

We want your promotional campaign to match the values of your company, that is why we offer many different models of eco friendly notebooks for you to customize!

Are you interested in reselling our notebooks with your custom print?

We tend to offer you the best price in the market, making Camaloon the ideal place to get your custom notebooks to resell. We also offer individual personalized packaging with every notebook that you print on. Customize your notebooks and their packaging to the very last detail and resell it to your customers.

How long will it take to create and receive my custom notebooks?

Creating your custom notebooks with Camaloon is an incredibly fast and easy process. We provide you with the most simple designing experience your company can have! After creating your order, you are going to have a wide variety of delivery options to choose from.

We offer delivery as fast as within a week so that you can get your promotional notebooks as fast as possible. Moreover, we also offer free delivery for orders greater than €40.

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