If you are looking for a notebook that is easy to use and put down the notes on both sides of the page without damaging the paper or having large blind areas, then you should surely take a close look at Camaloon Spital Notebooks. Thanks to the usability properties of spiral notebooks, anyone regardless of age, occupation, or personal preferences can use them in the most convenient way on a daily basis. Would you need to write down work minutes or personal information with a clear structure of access to different segments, spiral notebooks are the most appropriate choice for that. Camaloon Twinwire Notebooks are made with high-quality paper and have customizable front and /or back covers. Our online tool offers an opportunity to print text in various fonts and upload any image or design needed for your purpose. Personalized notebooks may turn into a very strong marketing tool when you print your company's logo or slogan on the cover and use it as a giveaway at the conferences and fairs, as gifts for the clients or as corporate items for the employees.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Personalized business spiral notebooks

Find out how notebooks and notepads printing can help with business promotions

Perfect marketing tool | Camaloon

Perfect marketing tool

Personalized notebooks are one of the pillars of marketing campaigns used as giveaways or gifts during fairs and exhibitions. It is an especially powerful item when spread at conferences. Your brand will be associated as the one that always thinks one step ahead for the conveniences of its partners and clients.

Corporate promotion | Camaloon

Corporate promotion

Spiral notepads with your company logo are needed not only for external promotion but for an internal one as well, giving the feeling of unity and teamwork to the employees. Motivating them for greater results and efficiency, helping them to keep together business notes and tasks, which leads to better time management.

Benefits of bulk orders | Camaloon

Benefits of bulk orders

Multiple occasions, various locations, and plenty of new clients you really want to reach out to with your personalized stationery? Take advantage of the benefits of bulk ordering. It is not only the more you order the less you pay, but it also offers you an option of a hassle-free multiple addresses delivery within one order.

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Bon treball. Entregat un dia més tard de lo previst, però just avans del dia ue ho necessitàvem. Gràcies
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The stickers came a bit smaller than expected, but except that, it was a great service.
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Rien à redire, tout est correct. Je pense que je commanderai à nouveau.
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Great service
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Sachant que c'est ma 2ème commande, je m'attendais au délai long. Mais la communication pendant l'attente m'a permis de ne pas m'impatienter et de ne pas m'inquiéter. Le travail est bon.
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Very good experience, quality is perfect and price not to expensive. Only possible progress is about the duration between order and delivery : about 2 weeks is a bit long

Personalization based on your needs

We make it possible for our clients to find everything they need in one place, offering a wide choice of stationery items with different features

Great price | Camaloon

Great price

Personalized spiral notebooks will help to keep your promotion budget under control and achieve great brand awareness. It is a cheap and stylish way to invest in advertising. To make sure you get the most out of the price per unit, go with a bulk order.

Eco-materials | Camaloon


Check out the options of the material that we are using for the spiral notepad to have your logo printed on. For those who care about the planet and the image of the brand, we have prepared quite a choice of recycled and/or sustainable material.

Size flexibility | Camaloon

Size flexibility

Being the most convenient for writing down the notes and removing the pages, makes twinspires the best option for business and private purposes. Different sizes from A6 to A4 will allow you to choose the format that suits best your needs.

Personalized spiral notebooks for different purposes

Each and every client is important to us and that is why we adjust ourselves to the needs of your big or small businesses as well as to the individual orders

Boost your business | Camaloon

Boost your business

We know it from our growth strategy and path to success that all businesses need proper promotion tools at every step of their development. The goals of the marketing campaigns differ from the size of the company, its strategy, and stage of business buildout. Keeping this in mind Camaloon sets as its essential value the flexibility for the needs of different businesses would it be small, medium or large. Ordering printed twinspire notebooks and journals are no exceptions and can be easily adjusted to the quantity that is optimal for your current goal. If the complexity of your design and delivery option would raise more questions that our online ordering and personalization tool can answer, consistent support from our account managers is also available.

Resellers | Camaloon


We have a long and fruitful history of working with resellers and we know how crucial it is to build a trustworthy relationship for achieving a sustainable growing business. Stationery items occupy a large piece of the personalized products market. Spiral notebooks with creative design get a special notice for their style, practical usability, and affordable price. We are constantly evaluating our manufacturing processes, recalculating the pricing, completing the market research for new products and production techniques in order to find innovative ways to make the collaboration most beneficial for both parties.

Individual orders | Camaloon

Individual orders

We believe in the beauty of life and the importance of feeling special. That is why we strongly support our individual clients who are looking for ways to bring more value and colors in their lives and special events with personalized products. The idea of a personalized twinspire notebook can be used for personal usage keeping your thoughts and ideas always at the reach of a hand, as a gift for different occasions and items for organizing family events. We have developed an online user-friendly design platform to assist you at each step of visualizing your idea. Get the freedom of inspiration, choose the spiral notebook to have your idea print on and we take care of preliminary design review and quality control.

Printing techniques for personalising spiral notebooks

More than 10 years of expertise in printing industry

Silkscreen printing for notebooks | Camaloon

Silkscreen printing for notebooks

Silkscreen printing is a printing technique that allows transferring an image through a mesh to another surface enabling to reproduce the image of up to two colors in the case of Spiral Notebooks. For thousands of years and up till now it is one of the most popular techniques in the world.

Pad printing for twinspire journals | Camaloon

Pad printing for twinspire journals

Pad printing allows transferring any type of image of one color design. Pad printing is famous for its two- or three-dimensional effects with high precision, achieving a perfect finish. It is one of the most used techniques to personalize promotional gifts because it is an economical and durable impression.

Laser engraving on notepads | Camaloon

Laser engraving on notepads

Laser engraving is a printing process that modifies the surface of an object to a certain depth, giving a personal and unique touch to the design of a specific product which is a bamboo cover for a twinspire. With this technique you can engrave virtually any design on different materials, offering a stylish and warm effect.

Why should you trust Camaloon?

As a manufacturer we put priority on the values to be the best for you

A large variety of the products | Camaloon

A large variety of the products

Having a large choice of products in the same category allows tailoring the marketing strategy easy and fast through one source. Complimentary promotional items that Camaloon offers would serve as an inspiration for getting the most out of this tool.

Cutting-edge technology | Camaloon

Cutting-edge technology

Camaloon is investing in the latest technology for its factory to suggest ultimate solutions to the clients for the best quality of printing, reduced lead time, modern printing techniques that can be applied on different materials.

High quality of all the products | Camaloon

High quality of all the products

Fully personalized with an excellent quality finish! In-house manufacturing of notebooks allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products. In addition, we have a team of experts who are responsible for validating each of the submitted designs.

Advantages of Personalised Spiral Notebook

Details that make the difference when promoting your brand with personalized notebooks and notebooks

Why are custom spiral notebooks so practical?

To start with, the pages can be opened a full 360 degrees. A spiral notebook can fold all the way back upon itself and yet still remain flat. It provides easy access to all the surfaces of the page while taking up minimal room on a desk or table. It has barely any tension on the binding which is the case for any side of the notepad from A6 to A4.

We have a wide selection of models, sizes, and colors to match your designs. We also have sets with spiral notebooks + pen, with sticky notes, for people who love organization! Spiral notebooks with thought-organizing perks will make your life easier.

Where can spiral notebooks be used best?

This is a perfect option for personalized notebooks for students. Spiral notebooks are especially popular among students' communities of all ages because they allow them to easily take notes and tear out the discarded sheets, carry them loose or organize in another way, such as on walls or pinboards. For the same reasons, this binding is favorable for the engineering field, catering industry, consultancy, and real estate sector.

This is a perfect option for personalized notebooks for students. Spiral notebooks are especially popular among students' communities of all ages because they allow them to easily take notes and tear out the discarded sheets, carry them loose or organize in another way, such as on walls or pinboards. For the same reasons, this binding is favorable for the engineering field, catering industry, consultancy, and real estate sector. As you can see, our custom spiral notebook printing has something for everyone.

Where and how can you buy custom spiral notebooks with your designs or the image of your business?

Custom spiral bound notebooks are the first choice when it comes to having a 'companion' always by your side for important notes, for when inspiration comes, for writing down appointments and contact details, and, in general, everything you want to remember. Seeing how versatile and useful they are and the presence they have in our daily lives, it makes sense to customize them by putting a personal touch, your brand image, or creative designs on the cover.

This is where Camaloon steps in and brings experience, skills and multiple opportunities for personalizing the spiral notebooks fully respecting your requirements. Camaloon will make it as simple as one two clicks for personalizing the chosen product and ordering the delivery wherever you want in the globe. Online design tool, obligatory preview, and in-house production will make the ordering efficient and safe.

Printed spiral notepads for marketing campaigns and how to complement them smart?

As mentioned above all types of notebooks, and twinspires are no exceptions to that, are considered to be one of the most powerful promotional items. Yet to get the best results one should use it in a smart and organic way. If using it as a giveaway at the conference or fairs be sure that it is not lost in a pile of other giveaway items, for example by adding a pen for the client or partner could use it at once. Or offering it together with the tote bag that has a printed logo of your company, to solve the issue of where to put all the collected material.

Catalogue for businesses

Products and solutions tailored to your needs.


FAQ - Customised Spiral Notepads

Do you offer recycled spiral notebooks?

Yes. Camaloon offers different options of spiral notebooks made of recycled material. You can choose between the notebooks that have only the recycled cardboard cover, the twin wires that have recycled cardboard, or bamboo covers with pages from recycled paper. Yet if you are looking for more durable and long-lasting material as a cover check up the option of PP plastic softcover.

Can I order non-personalized spiral notebooks?

Yes, you can make an order of the plain spiral notebooks without any personalization if this is what you are looking for. The minimum order of the non-personalized twinwires can vary from 1unit to 25 units depends on the specification of the product. Detailed information is given on the product page in the price table.

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Yes! You can change the address as long as the product has not left our factory. We do not make changes to the delivery address once the product has been already shipped.

Can I print various designs in one order?

Yes! All our spiral notebooks can be personalized in multiple ways. You can upload your logo or design and include an independent text within the same printing area. Some of the spiral notepads have an option of printing on both sides of the cover allowing to upload different images. Thanks to the online design tool Camaloon offers you an opportunity to see the final view of the printing area before finalising your order.

Is it possible to request a sample of a product?

Camaloon offers the possibility of requesting a sample of a specific product as long as the product does not have a minimum order quantity. So that before placing large orders, you can have an idea of how it would look and make changes if necessary. If you are a company and would like to request a sample of a product, contact us and our team will help you in the best possible way.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes. At the moment all the personalized twinspires need the minimum order quantity which depends on the type of the notebook. You can see this information right on the front page of each item. Camaloon is constantly updating its catalog suggesting more options of the product and conditions of minimum order quantity.

Can I make changes or cancel an order?

We offer the possibility of making modifications or canceling an order, provided that the request is made before the product goes into production. Once they have passed this stage, no changes and/or cancellations can be made.

How can I contact Camaloon?

It is crucial for Camaloon to offer open and easy communication with our clients. For any questions or doubts, we welcome you to contact us by live webchat and phone number you find below or through the customer service email: help@camaloon.co.uk. If you already have the reference number of your order, you can identify yourself through it and we will help you.

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