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Moleskine is a brand of high quality notebooks produced by the company Modo & Modo since 1997 in Milan. Moleskine notebooks are very resistant and the paper has a very pleasant texture, capable of absorbing very well different types of inks, markers and the pages resist aggressive erasure. Since notebooks are widely used in everyday life and work situations, we must pay attention to the quality of the material and the design. That is why Camaloon works together with Moleskine and offers a varied combination of materials along with a high quality of printing for the personalization of each notebook. Who said notebooks can't be in fashion, and they can't be a valuable, high-end gift for a customer, partner, or employee. Having your own personalized Moleskine notebooks with a design made by you or with your company logo will make a good impression when you use them or give them away at networking events, conferences, among your employees or during individual meetings with clients.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
Express delivery -  Camaloon

Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

Attract new customers by personalizing your Moleskine notebooks

Stand out from the competition by giving away a high quality product

Corporative gifts

Corporative gifts

Nowadays it is very important that companies think about making personalized corporate materials available to their employees, not only for the old ones but also for the newcomers. Offering employees a Moleskine notebook with the brand logo will make them feel welcome and give an important member of the team a special importance.

Best way to reach customers

Best way to reach customers

When you think of a Moleskine notebook as a promotion for a marketing campaign, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Quality, durability, prestige… These are the characteristics that will put your mark when you give away personalized Moleskine notebooks on special occasions. Charity events or conferences of important partners and clients, these are the times when you need to give that extra touch.

Get Advantages by Ordering in Bulk

Get Advantages by Ordering in Bulk

Multiple times and locations where you want to stand out and make it clear that your business is here to thrive. Bulk Order Custom Moleskine Notebooks will be exactly what you're looking for - creative, trendy, and respected promotional items that will remain budget-friendly over the long haul.

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Everything you were looking for

We have a variety of options that only Camaloon can offer you

Reasonable budget

Reasonable budget

Moleskine's custom notebooks will help you create an impression of professionalism for your business, gaining recognition for an elegant product at an affordable price, especially when you think about the impact it has on highlighting your brand.

Special material

Special material

The ivory colored paper, the soft feel of the pages and the cover is what makes the material attractive. The colorless paper and color-coordinated elastic closure for the convenience of using the notebook is what makes it stand out. The quality of the cover allows for elegant and modern printing techniques.

Different dimensions

Different dimensions

Camaloon offers you a combination of great product quality with great service quality in different notebook dimensions. Choose from a large personalized Moleskine notebook or a small one. Choose the one you need for a specific occasion or choose multiple options for flexibility of use.

Moleskine notebooks are more than just a desired brand

A personal and elegant experience for each person

The boost you need

The boost you need

The elegant Moleskine notebooks can become a very powerful promotional element if you make a personalization with your design or logo, so they can become part of all good growth strategies for a business. Our path to success has taught us that all brands need the right advertising tools at every stage of their development. The objectives of marketing campaigns differ depending on the size of the company, its strategy and its stage of development. In this way, Camaloon establishes flexibility as a fundamental value to satisfy the needs of different client companies, whether they are small, medium or large. Custom stationery notebooks with rounded corners, ivory colored paper, and color matching benefits to get the most out of the notebook lay the foundation for the success of the company, its employees, customers and partners. Find your best way to understand it!

Do you want to resell?

Do you want to resell?

Camaloon believes in the power of collaboration and that together we can achieve more than separately. By designing the idea of custom business notebooks, Camaloon brings out the best in partners to offer the best to its customers, adding additional value through the print service and delivery option. That is why Moleskine notebooks large and small are making a special sector in our catalog. The design options that you can print in our Moleskine notebooks are endless and that is what makes each order unique, managing to attract the attention of different audiences. Our skills and extensive experience working with resellers is what makes them valuable. We are constantly evaluating our manufacturing processes, doing market research to find new products and production techniques in order to find innovative ways to make collaboration more win-win.

Individual orders

Individual orders

At Camaloon we are happy to hear that there are individual customers who want to use our products and we fully support them to bring more colors to their lives. This is because we believe that it is important to celebrate each new stage of life and mainly to feel special. The quality of our day-to-day life is based on the quality of things that we believe to be small around us. We have developed a platform where you can create and edit your designs online that is very easy to use, all to help you visualize your creations. Get the freedom of inspiration, choose the perfect Moleskine notebook where you can print your idea and we take care of the design review and quality control.

Prints made on our Moleskine notebooks

Different types of printing to personalize your Moleskine!

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing allows us to make an agile and fast printing directly from a digital file to different types of materials, such as fabrics, paper, vinyl, etc. and you don't need extra time to cool down the material. It is a print that has low consumption of resources, polluting the environment less.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that allows us to transfer an image through a mesh to another surface. It is one of the most popular techniques in the world for thousands of years because it has been perfected over the years but maintains its essence and without raising the cost of production.

Relief Printing

Relief Printing

The thermo-engraving or relief is a technique that consists of working with metal plates that with heat and pressure achieves a figure in relief. With this technique you will be able to give a special touch to your company logo. You will achieve recognition of your brand and style with this printing technique!

Why trust Camaloon?

As a manufacturer we put priority on the values to be the best for you

Great variety of products
Great variety of products

At Camaloon we are always expanding our notebooks to adapt to all needs. For this reason, we always guarantee both the quality of the article and that of its printing. And in the same way, all models are selected to be able to offer the lowest prices.

Technology for a better experience
Technology for a better experience

With Camaloon technology, designing and buying your notebooks becomes a very simple task. Easy customization in our design area, secure payment and delivery types will help you have a more comfortable process. Simple and fast!

High quality for every production
High quality for every production

Fully customized and excellent quality finishes! Manufacturing our own notebooks allows us to guarantee the highest quality in our products. In addition, we have a team of experts who are responsible for validating each of the submitted designs.

Benefits of Moleskines notebooks

We explain how to grow and promote your brand with your personalized notebooks

What are the advantages of Moleskine notebooks?

The advantages of Moleskine notebooks are several: The sheets are saddle stitched, that is, the pages are sewn together as opposed to gluing or rolling them through a wire. This gives you the ability to open all the way back from start to finish, without breaking or bending the stitching. The paper has a very smooth texture and thanks to its high quality it cannot be seen on the other side of the page. Your clients or employees will have a high quality notebook to manage the most important information, being able to write down everything they need during their meetings or important notes throughout their day.

How to choose the best personalized notebooks for your company?

At Camaloon we have a wide range of models of customizable notebooks and notebooks, such as ecological notebooks, and different size and style options. For this reason, our experts will help you find the notebook model that best suits your needs. In addition, with our online design tool you can create different models of notebooks and personalized notebooks for your company, resale or marketing action.

How to complement your marketing campaigns with personalized Moleskine notebooks?

To complement your campaigns apart from offering the notebooks, you can give away other types of products, such as bags, pens or personalized t-shirts with your company logo , being one of the most important and popular items among our clients because you manage to highlight your participation at trade shows and corporate events. The options that we discussed above such as notebooks become successful elements in your campaigns.

Why Get Camaloon's Personalized Moleskine Notebooks?

Because our products are of the highest quality, and with your designs the personalized Moleskine notebooks will be a success. We have a wide range of notebooks for you to personalize, being able to choose between different materials, make prints or not, or even add personalized packaging. Everything so that the personalized notebooks of your company are perfect.

Another reason is because we have our own factory and we produce the notebooks and many other products. That means that we take care and give great importance to the entire process, from obtaining the product, design, printing and shipping, so that you can obtain your personalized notebooks with photo or logo in up to 48 hours after payment confirmation. .

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Frequent questions

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Yes! You can change the address as long as the product has not left our factory. We do not make changes to the delivery address once the product has left for delivery.

Is it possible to request a sample of a product?

From Camaloon, we offer our clients the possibility of requesting a sample of a specific product as long as the product does not have a minimum purchase quantity, so that before placing large orders, they can have an idea of how it would look and make changes if necessary. . Talk to one of our agents to check the conditions! If you are a company and would like to request a sample of a product, contact us and our team will help you in the best possible way.

Can I make changes or cancel an order?

We offer the possibility of making modifications or canceling an order, provided that the request is made before the product goes into production. Once they have passed this stage, no changes and / or cancellations can be made.

How can I contact Camaloon?

It is essential for us to offer open and simple communication with our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us via web chat and the phone number below or via the customer service email: . If you already have the reference number of your order, you can identify yourself through it and we will help you.

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