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Custom pens

Get the best price: Pen + 1 colour Logo print as low as € 0,13 per unit

Effective promos - Camaloon

Effective promos

The custom pens will make people think of your brand and business.

Fast delivery - Camaloon

Fast delivery

We will send your order in record time. See our Express service.

For fairs and events - Camaloon

For fairs and events

Make an impact with custom pens that are practical but also trendy and memorable.

Variety and exclusivity - Camaloon

Variety and exclusivity

Wide range of custom pens: sustainable, metallic, multi-use (tablet and mobile) etc.

Make your custom pen unique - Camaloon

Make your custom pen unique

We print your logo using the pad printing technique so that your image stands out and lasts.

We're here to help - Camaloon

We're here to help

We have the perfect promotional solution for your business. Ask us and we'll give you advice.

Where will you place your logo? - Camaloon

Where will you place your logo?

Depending on the model, the logo may go on the body of the pen or on the clip. Always printed to perfection.

The best price, without a doubt - Camaloon

The best price, without a doubt

Ask us for information and we'll give you advice. Competitive prices for orders of 100 units or more.

Whenever you need it - Camaloon

Whenever you need it

We will have your tailor-made quote ready in just one hour. Order your custom pens with your logo and follow the order tracking and delivery progress.

Clients who've relied on us:
Uber Eats
Panini Comics

Custom pens: Make people want to write about your brand

We always carry a pen around with us, sometimes even more than one. And it’s really annoying when we don't have one. As it is a frequently used item, it is in your company's interest to design and create custom pens in order to literally put your brand in the hands of your clients. Online printing services make this a lot easier. At Camaloon we've carried out the important job of selecting those personalized pen models that, due to their cost and materials, will meet your promotional budgets without sacrificing neither their practicality nor the print quality of your logo or design. So as well as being able to choose from promotional pens at very competitive prices, you'll also be able to do this according to the uniqueness of the design and writing experience. Always keep your custom pens at hand as a promotional item both for fairs and/or events, and for having available in your office so that your clients, prospective clients and employees can use them. With just a small investment, you'll have a very frequently used product that anyone can carry around with them. Your business will become a part of the day-to-day life of your clients.

Apart from custom pens, what other items can you add to your promotional campaign?

At Camaloon we understand the importance of merchandising for your marketing activities. Every aspect is important when it comes to positioning your brand. We know this is true for personalized pens, and that's why our range of custom pen models is sure to give you the accurate printing quality that you need for your brand or logo. This is also true for those items where you need a team of experts to manage your order, from choosing the material at the beginning to quality control of printing and its delivery, such as custom notebooks or wholesale t-shirts. Wherever you put your logo and design, you can trust that Camaloon will help you reach your clients and make the biggest impact, at a competitive price and with a service that is tailored to your needs.