Everything you need to know about debossing

Also known as thermography

How does debossing work? | Camaloon

How does debossing work?

The debossing process is a combination of pressure and heat through which your design is engraved into the item you want to personalise. Here's how it works: 1. We apply your design to a metal stamp by means of a special film. 2. We heat this stamp and use it to press down on the printing area. 3. The result is an accurate and resilient image of your design printed on the material of the product.

What are the advantages of debossing? | Camaloon

What are the advantages of debossing?

Debossing is a form of printing that creates an elegant design on your products. It creates dimensional depth in the design without impacting the back of the material. Debossing is a special finish that is best use on products that promise a long shelf life, making it perfect for special promotional products or gifts.

What are the disadvantages of debossing? | Camaloon

What are the disadvantages of debossing?

Since the item you want to personalise will have to withstand pressure and heat the range in which we apply the process of debossing is somewhat more limited. But we have more and more items that you can create this way. Moreover, in the same way as laser engraving, the color is simply the color of the product and can therefore not be chosen.

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