Transfer printing

Transfer printing

What is transfer printing?

What is transfer printing?

Transfer printing is a precise printing technique that is often used when screen printing does not help for technical reasons. With transfer printing, any design can be reproduced precisely and thanks to the mixture of heat and pressure, long-lasting results are achieved. You can use transfer printing on textiles, for example, to print logos, slogans or even photos in vibrant colors.

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How exactly does transfer printing work?

Transfer printing is a relatively simple printing technique. Remember how you used to print stick-on tattoos on your arm? A very similar logic is applied to transfer printing, of course, the results are more long-lasting than those of stick-on tattoos. In just two simple steps, your design is transferred to the object to be printed:

The design is also printed on a carrier material, known as the transfer foil. The processed transfer foil is placed in a transfer press. The design is transferred from the foil to the material to be printed by pressure and heat.

This printing technique is ideal for textile products and especially for products with difficult-to-process shapes such as caps. If you want to work on smooth surfaces and for example customize your own notebooks we recommend laser printing, which leaves a high-quality impression but does not print colored designs.

What are the benefits of transfer printing?

Compared to screen printing, transfer printing offers various advantages. It depends on which design you want to print and which product you want to process. The most advantageous aspects of transfer printing are the following:

  • Even the finest color gradients, colorful designs and photos can be printed.
  • A cost-effective printing process, even for smaller orders
  • Ideal for fine details, logos or slogans

If, for example, you would like to print customized bottles and flasks or custom wristbands in different shapes, colors and materials other printing techniques such as digital full-color printing or sublimation are more suitable. In any case, our team will help you to find the best solution for your order.

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