Easy to customize lanyards - Camaloon

Easy to customize lanyards

Creating your own design based on your brand image with our new online tool will only take you minutes!

Express Service - Camaloon

Express Service

We deliver your order of custom lanyards in a flash with our guaranteed delivery service.

Cheap custom lanyards - Camaloon

Cheap custom lanyards

Take a look at our models and you will find excellent quality at bargain prices.

Build your team using lanyards with your brand

We offer different options for you to design your ID lanyards and turn them into unique items.
Maximum visibility with your custom lanyards - Camaloon

Maximum visibility with your custom lanyards

Create a colorful item to represent your brand. Designed only for you and printed with the highest quality, offer your staff and customers a way to identify themselves with your business.

Custom multipurpose lanyards - Camaloon

Custom multipurpose lanyards

With your own original design, these lanyards can live beyond business events. They can carry other things beside ID cards, like keys or small items.

Add custom lanyards to your selection of promotional items

Whenever an important event looms closer, you probably start thinking about how to have everything perfectly in place, event the smallest details: stand, commercial brochures, badges with the logo and magnets with contact information. Are you missing something? Maybe. For example, custom ID lanyards with your corporate image on them. They are excellent to manage your staff and make them stand out,

We have two models ready for you to design your business image and print it on them. You can add some complements to the landyard to make it even better. Why bother with a simple logo in a single ink when you can choose the background color or improve the way your business name is displayed? But worry not, whatever you choose, our lanyards are well-made, cheap and easy to customize.

Improve your brand even further with custom T-shirts

Everybody wears T-shirts, so they are perfect for massive promotional stunts. Create your own custom T-shirts, even custom unisex T-shirts and you will turn your business brand into a wonderful wearable. Add them to your staff's uniform and make them immediately recognizable to prosprective customers, improving your odds of luring them to that elusive first commercial contact.

Since they are so useful, why not get wholesale T-shirts? Then they will be even cheaper! Give them away with your promotional custom lanyards and take advantage of our T-shirt screen printing experience. Order all your promotional material online through the Camaloon website in just a few simple and fast steps!