Custom promotional wristbands - Camaloon

Custom promotional wristbands

Create your custom wristbands online and use them as simple IDs for attendees or turn them into fashionable accessories.

Lightning-fast delivery - Camaloon

Lightning-fast delivery

No event should lack promotional wristbands. We can get them made and delivered ASAP. Worry not about that approaching deadline!

Guaranteed competitive rates - Camaloon

Guaranteed competitive rates

If you are expecting a lot of attendees, make a bulk order and enjoy the best price per unit.

Make your events most memorable with these wristbands

Create customs wristbands that can be handed out as souvenirs of an event while promoting your brand.
Low effort, high impact - Camaloon

Low effort, high impact

Enjoy our online design tool and make your own design with a few clicks and no experience required! Find the most unique design so that your customers refuse to take their wristbands off and continue producing promotional value.

Focus the attention on your brand - Camaloon

Focus the attention on your brand

Make your brand stand out in bright colors for your events. These wristbands will cost you very little and have a great impact. Your customers will gladly take your brand with them after the event has ended!

Custom wristbands are a long-lasting promotional investment for your brand

A promotional wristband is useful in events, fair and touristic retreats. ID your attendees and guests while they promote your brand without even thinking of it.

A popular combo is promotional wristbands and custom T-shirts. The wristband is handed out to guests and attendees and the T-shirt is offered as a memento of the event. It's so popular that most people go for the wholesale T-shirts, specially custom unisex T-shirts made with our screen printing tech, to enjoy competitive prices without sacrificing quality.