Design your own stickers

Design your own stickers and order them online

It pays to design your own stickers as a giveaway, for private or corporate purposes!

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
Easy customization -  Camaloon

Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

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What should you consider to design your own stickers? | Camaloon

What should you consider to design your own stickers?

If you want to design stickers yourself, there are a whole host of factors to consider that you may not immediately think about. Would you like to design the stickers for outdoor or indoor areas? Do you prefer die cut or kiss cut stickers? What budget do you have to design stickers yourself? For particularly resistant stickers, we recommend choosing vinyl stickers, for example.

How do you design stickers yourself? | Camaloon

How do you design stickers yourself?

So you've decided on the right sticker and now want to design it yourself. Very good! With our online design program, all you have to do is upload your motif and adapt it to the printing area. Here you can select different fonts and add texts if you wish, or simply send your self-designed stickers to be printed. Remember, polyester stickers are particularly inexpensive, even for bulk orders.

Design your own professional stickers

Design original stickers with your individual motifs online, in the best quality

Personalize down to the last detail | Camaloon

Personalize down to the last detail

It's all about the little things. This also applies to your stickers. Define individual details up to rounded or angular edges.

Design all kinds of stickers | Camaloon

Design all kinds of stickers

Whether colorful, black and white, large or small, with a personalized or standard shape. Design your stickers 100% and we will take care of the printing.

Design stickers online | Camaloon

Design stickers online

Thanks to our online design tool, you can design the stickers yourself in just a few steps. And if you do need help, our team of experts is at your side.

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For which occasions would you like to design your own stickers?

Let yourself be inspired and design stickers that are completely adapted to your needs.

Design stickers online - in all shapes and formats

Not all stickers are the same and depending on the purpose for which you need them, one format or the other is more worthwhile. For example, do you have a shop and want to label products? Then it is worthwhile to print labels . These come in the form of sticker rolls and thus enable the stickers to be attached quickly and easily. Of course, you can also design and personalize this type of sticker yourself online with us. Die- cut stickers are particularly popular as giveaways. They are handy and can be easily distributed and can be installed anywhere by your customers quickly and easily. A very special format for designing stickers yourself is in the form of sticker sheets. Here you can put many different stickers on one sheet.

Why design your own stickers?

Quite simply because they are a classic and inexpensive means of giving your brand or name more presence and gathering increased eye contact. Self-designed stickers are often distributed at events, trade fairs and other events to give customers or guests a kind of reminder of the brand. And it works! It is also extremely effective in stores. Design stickers with your name and display them on the shop counter. Loyal customers will be happy to take them with them and stick them on in a clearly visible manner. Getting recommendations for your brand is that easy.

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