Easy customization — Camaloon

Easy customization

Do it yourself with our online design tools. Save time and money without losing in quality or features.

Use Express Service — Camaloon

Use Express Service

Do you want your sunglasses merchandise ASAP? Choose Express Service for a guaranteed lightning-fast delivery.

Buy wholesale — Camaloon

Buy wholesale

Get the best prices in your sunglasses merchandise by ordering them in bulk.

Sunglasses merchandise: the rising star of the summer

The best accessory to give away in outdoors events or to entice new customers!
The perfect space — Camaloon

The perfect space

Print the logo or name of your company with one ink in the temple wires of your sunglasses merchandise. A small but visible advertising space. Choose the color of the frame and combine it with your design.

Models for mass campaigns — Camaloon

Models for mass campaigns

Different sunglasses frames that will suit any summer promotion. For adults, for children, for companies that like bright innovative designs or with the classy classic look: the perfect gift.

UV400 protection and class 3 filter — Camaloon

UV400 protection and class 3 filter

Safety first! Our lenses are guaranteed and officially approved. They are comfortable to wear and can be used even on the clearest summer day.

Your sunglasses merchandise will be the star of your summer advertising campaign

You probably have already planned some kind of special promotion for your points of sale or online store. Or maybe you are preparing to go to an important event or convention to advertise your new products or services. You might be even organizing some outdoor corporate event. Surely you see how well these sunglasses would fit all these events. Find the ideal model to display your business name and reach all manner of public for a minor investment, with great returns and increased visibility.

Do you need other items to combine with your sunglasses merchandise?

How about these?

  • Our custom T-shirts with your logo and a wide range of styles, ideal for any type of body or advertising target.
  • Our custom bags that make your customers happy while they carry your brand around in a big, visible format.
  • Our custom caps go specially well with your sunglasses, combining to make a trendy range of matching merchandise.