A comfortable pullover, cozy sweatshirt or hoodie is perfect as a promotional item. Would you like to advertise your company, your team or your university? Print sweatshirts and hoodies for women and men with your individual design, logo or text. Design is fun this way! Get started now with our practical online design tool and put your motifs on the fabric! Your beautiful print now on trendy sweatshirts.

Print your sweater and design it yourself with your own design

Cozy and chic - there is something for everyone among our products

pullover | Camaloon


What is better for designing and printing than a classic sweater? The minimalist look draws all the attention to your logo. Sweaters are available in various textile fibers, including cotton, virgin wool, cashmere wool or silk. Synthetic fibers such as polyacrylic are often mixed in. At Camaloon, it is important to us that our sweatshirts and pullovers are made of at least 80% cotton, many of them even 100% organic cotton.

Hoodie | Camaloon


Also known as a hoodie or hoodie, the hoodie is a popular, classic piece of clothing. Who doesn't love him? A comfortable eye-catcher for everyone! Hoodies are particularly good for promoting your university or sports club. It is also ideal for young, modern companies. The attached hood also keeps you warm and looks great!

We let your print shine in full splendor

The right printing technology for your motifs and texts - let us convince you of the maximum print quality

screen printing | Camaloon

screen printing

Screen printing is a printing process in which the printing ink is pressed onto the fabric through a fabric. You can think of it like a stencil. Screen printing is particularly suitable for bulk orders, as this fabric stencil can be used several times. With screen printing, monochrome logos can be printed very precisely on your sweatshirt or hooded jacket.

Full color digital printing | Camaloon

Full color digital printing

Digital printing prints in all colors of the color spectrum. It is therefore particularly suitable for designs and logos in several different colors. The digital full-color printing is based on four ink colors, the so-called CMYK colors, and the motif is printed directly on the fabric. This process is called Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG for short.

In which area is printing done? | Camaloon

In which area is printing done?

You can print your designs and motifs on the front, back or in the chest area. The areas vary slightly depending on the model. The front and back can also be combined. Our design tool helps you to select your sweater to print, the best area and the right size for your logo.

Our quality standard is very important to us

Why you can rely on Camaloon to print your sweatshirts

Well thought-out business processes | Camaloon

Well thought-out business processes

With us, all business processes run with the greatest care. All items that can be printed at Camaloon are manufactured in our own factory in the EU or we buy them directly from the factory. We want to be in control of the manufacturing process and quality and be able to guarantee our standard. Our experts in the design team and in the print shop carefully select all materials and models for the hoodies and pullovers together. We extensively test every product and the corresponding printing techniques in order to be able to offer you the most suitable technique. Our in-house design team works together with you to get your personalized design on the right advertising product.

Modern tools | Camaloon

Modern tools

With our design tool you can design your hoodies or sweatshirts yourself with the design of your choice. When designing, you have the option of uploading your design, logo or photos and adding text. Once your design is ready, it can be checked in the preview and improved if necessary. We also offer secure payment methods and various delivery options. So you get your articles on time! Design yourself - Unleash your creativity.

Quality in the manufacturing process | Camaloon

Quality in the manufacturing process

We print all personalized promotional items and gift items in our in-house factory. This gives us the opportunity to accompany the entire manufacturing process of each individual product. On site, our experts check the quality of all articles and prints and validate your design before it goes to print. This enables us to assure you of a high standard of quality. We assure fast production of the best quality and offer fast shipping options. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Extend your reach with personalized hoodies or sweatshirts

Here you can find out everything you need to know about Camaloon and our personalized promotional products

1. How can I design my sweaters myself?

With our easy-to-use online design tool, there are no limits. With the choice of design and your logo, everything is up to you. We have defined a pressure range for each model. This means that your motif always shines in the best print quality. This print area is shown to you in the form of a dashed line when you are designing. If you need more inspiration or tips, you will find design templates and some sample images on our page. Have fun creating!

2. Who prints my sweatshirts and hoodies?

In our in-house factory in the EU, we check each of your designs before we have them printed. A team of experts takes care of your print jobs and controls the entire process from ordering to final implementation of the prints.

3. How do I choose the right design?

On our website you can be inspired by our design suggestions and the various product examples. Our online design tool offers assistance and ready-made designs. Think carefully about the purpose you want your sweaters to serve. For example, if you are looking for sweatshirts for your graduation class and high school graduation, you can also have your graduation sweaters printed specifically for you.

4. Good to know - interesting facts about Camaloon's printed sweaters

Sustainability and high quality are important to us! That is why we pay attention to an ethically correct, environmentally conscious international standard with our suppliers. Our suppliers include, for example, the Copenhagen company Stanley / Stella. Stanley / Stella mainly use ecological or recycled materials that are kind to your skin and the environment. They have eco certificates and seals, such as GOTS (abbreviation of the Global Organic Textile Standard seal of approval). Easily design sustainable sweaters with your logo and show what is important to you: sustainability!

Design your own sweaters and address the right target group

What personalized sweatshirts and hoodies are particularly suitable for

For resale | Camaloon

For resale

With a simple or stylish design, the sweaters and hoodies are perfect for your resale. Do you have a fan shop? Would you like to sell your club's merchandising? Would you like to promote your brand or institution with a new, creative design? Do you have a cute cafe or casual bar that you want to sell promotional items for? Then you are exactly right here! Pullovers, sweatshirts and print hoodies, the ideal promotional item for resale!

As a promotional gift | Camaloon

As a promotional gift

It is also important to promote your brand, your club or your institution within your team or among your students! It promotes team spirit and motivates students. Create a sense of community with personalized sweatshirts. For example, you can hand out the sweatshirts as a welcome gift for new team members or at the beginning of the semester.

Maximum quality  -  Camaloon

Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy customization

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
We review your designs -  Camaloon

We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.
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Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.
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