Flocking of T-shirts with the logo, text or visual of your company. Select the T-shirt for men or women that suits you best among the many models with short or long sleeves, and print your visual on it. Our flocked T-shirts come from recognized brands (Fruit of the Loom, Gildan etc.) to ensure quality personalization. You can also choose double-sided printing, or expand your range of flocked clothing with sweaters and sweatshirts!

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Flocking of T-shirts adapted to your needs

Discover different printing techniques

Flocking by silkscreen printing | Camaloon

Flocking by silkscreen printing

A visual with less than 6 colors can be flocked by screen printing. Due to its economic aspect, this flocking technique is perfectly suited to large orders. The silkscreen flocked T-shirts are perfect communication tools for your events such as shows or fairs.

Digital flocking | Camaloon

Digital flocking

For a complex and colorful logo, DTG (Direct To Garment) digital flocking is recommended, the latter being based on CMYK colors, which makes the choice and number of colors completely free. This technique allows more complex flocking and is particularly recommended for printing on cotton.

Double-sided customization | Camaloon

Double-sided customization

For our personalized T-shirts we offer double-sided flocking, to further increase the visibility of your brand. The logos, texts and other visuals flocked on the front and back are very useful for reaching as many people as possible during important events (fairs, exhibitions, etc.).

Flocking of T-shirts to develop your brand

Why choose flocked T-shirts?

T-shirts can be worn anywhere and by everyone, making advertising products particularly suitable for developing their brand image and their business. Printed T-shirts for men and women have a large flocking space ideal for affixing your logo or any other visual. By personalizing your polyester, cotton or nylon T-shirts, you ensure visibility and recognition for your brand. Whether for promotion or resale, print quality allows for lasting personalization.

Who uses T-shirts with flocking?

At Camaloon, we offer many models of T-shirts, round neck or V-neck, short or long sleeves, polyester or cotton, not to mention other types of clothing. This variety of flocked T-shirts makes them versatile promotional items, which can be adapted to any situation, and which will be worn on a daily basis by your employees and customers. T-shirts personalized with a logo or other visuals are among the most popular promotional items, as are [flocked sweaters or sweatshirts] (https://camaloon.fr/pulls-et-sweats-pers


How to choose the best flocked T-shirts for your business?

You will find on our site T-shirts that will meet all your needs, whether promotional or internal to your company. For example, a less expensive flocked T-shirt will be useful for a distribution at events, while a slightly more expensive model will be suitable for a smaller distribution. Choose the one that best matches your image and flock the T-shirt with your logo, text or visual.

Where can you flock your T-shirt?

On your T-shirts you can flock your visual on the front or back, on a large printing surface. We also offer, on several models, a double-sided flocking of your logo, text or design, for even more visibility during major events. Through screen printing and digital printing, we ensure the quality and durability of your products.

How to promote your brand with your T-shirts?

Our flocked T-shirts are a good way to make your brand visible at events such as fairs or shows. No matter the occasion, customers always appreciate the little touches, and it's always a good way to convey a positive image of your brand. A good idea for successful brand promotion is to combine several promotional items. With your T-shirts, you can create your personalized bags with your logo , in order to be truly seen on a daily basis!

How to complete your offer of personalized products?

The main purpose of promotional items is to publicize one's company with products that will be used on a daily basis by customers and employees. Flocking T-shirts is not the only way to improve your brand image: other products allow you to be seen daily, such as key chains with a logo or any other visual, simple, practical and very appreciated by customers. You can also opt for personalized pens, which are particularly useful and inexpensive.

Different uses for your flocked T-shirts

Several ways to promote your business

Resale of flocked T-shirts | Camaloon

Resale of flocked T-shirts

Your T-shirts can be flocked with visuals ranging from the simplest to the most complex, giving you complete freedom. These customization possibilities allow you to create T-shirts that perfectly match your expectations. Thanks to their excellent value for money, these T-shirts are very suitable for resale.

Promotional distribution | Camaloon

Promotional distribution

By purchasing your personalized T-shirts in large quantities, you benefit from our declining price. Thus, flocking your T-shirts for your promotional events has never been so simple and economical. Distribute them to your customers or visitors to convey a positive image of your brand.

Flocking of T-shirts as a corporate gift | Camaloon

Flocking of T-shirts as a corporate gift

Develop your brand image with the help of your employees: by flocking T-shirts with your logo for them, they can become the main ambassadors of your company. In addition to being a gift appreciated by employees, it strengthens the team spirit of a company.

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