Check out our wide range of personalised mugs that we offer at Camaloon. Printing on mugs is one of the most popular choices when it comes to creating your promotional campaigns and we have made sure to gather the perfect selection of personalised mugs for you.

Our promotional mugs come in different styles and sizes with various printing methods. Your custom mug can be a classic one like the economic ceramic mugs, ideal for kitchens and desks, or even insulated thermal mugs for transporting hot drinks. We offer something for everyone!

Personalised mugs can be the perfect promotional product for your company, or even the perfect gift for your loved ones. We have made sure that your custom mug, whether it is with your company logo, a photo or even a quote, will succeed your expectations and satisfy your company needs.

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How we print your custom mugs

We offer the best mug printing techniques to perfect your order

Silk screen printing on mugs | Camaloon

Silk screen printing on mugs

Silk-screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques when designing mugs. The ink is transferred to the mugs by pressing through a mesh stretched in a frame. Silk-screen prints in one colour and is the most economic method available, making it perfect for bulk orders for conferences and events.

Sublimation for mugs | Camaloon

Sublimation for mugs

Sublimation allows us to print full-colour designs onto our mugs, helping us to complete the most detailed of orders. With any colour to choose from, sublimation is great for creating photo mugs. You can create your mugs exactly how you want them, with the right colours to suit your needs. Some of our mugs offer different colour handles, interiors and exteriors, so see which models suit your colourful photos or logo best!

Laser-engraved mugs | Camaloon

Laser-engraved mugs

Laser-engraving gives your custom mug a classy, long-lasting look by etching your custom design into the surface, revealing the colour of the material beneath. Available for colourful ceramic exterior mugs, as well as our bamboo surface travel mugs, this method leaves an elegant finish, making this premium print a great gift for special clients and business partners.

Easy personalisation | Camaloon

Easy personalisation

Choose the mug and color, edit your design with our online tools, add them to your cart, and you are ready!

Fast mug printing | Camaloon

Fast mug printing

Choose Express Delivery and you will recieve your mug order in record time.

Customise mugs in bulk | Camaloon

Customise mugs in bulk

Save money by ordering mugs in bulk. Get your company logo on a wide range of mugs for a cheaper price.

Why companies trust us to produce promotional mugs

A personalised experience from start to finish

Excellent business process | Camaloon

Excellent business process

All of our models are purchased directly from our suppliers. Our mugs are carefully selected by our experts, making sure there are plenty of choices for all business needs. We extensively test each model with all printing techniques available to ensure a great finish.

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience | Camaloon

Technology to ease the merchandise purchasing experience

Our easy-to-use platform makes the entire experience - from selecting the model, choosing the colour, adding the personalisation and previewing your customised mug - as easy as possible. We offer secure payment methods and a selection of delivery options so you can be sure to receive your order on-time.

Quality of production | Camaloon

Quality of production

All of our mug printing is done in-house and on-site, promising quality throughout the production process. To make sure your mug turns out exactly how you customised it, we have a team of experts at hand to validate every design for each order. We ensure fast production and we're always happy to handle any of your post-order issues.

Personalise your mugs and grow your business

How custom mugs can benefit your company

What are the best selling personalised mugs?

Our top selling mugs are the ones with the best quality to cost ratio. These are our classic mugs that are perfect fit for your promotional campaign. They come in different materials and with different printing methods:

Do you have eco-friendly mugs?

It is important to us that your brand and environmental values are represented in your promotional mugs. That is why we offer a wide range of eco friendly mugs for you to choose from.

Can I personalise a mug with a photo?

If you are looking to print a photo on a mug we have the best selection for you at a great price. We print with sublimation making sure to give you the best quality photo mug at the best price.

What are the most cost-friendly mugs you offer?

We make sure to give you the best price for your personalised mugs in the market. Our classic economic mugs are:

What variety of promotional mugs do you have?

Camaloon offers a wide variety of promotional mugs. Other than the classic ceramic ones we offer steel, glass, bamboo and many other mugs.

What are your best coffee mugs?

We have gathered the perfect selection of mugs for all the coffee lovers. Choose your favorite coffee mug and personalise it, whether it is for at home or on the go!

Can I get my mug with personalised packaging?

Camaloon offers personalised packaging for every mug that you order. You can personalise your packaging in full color, white or craft and give your personalised mugs a higher value. This is a perfect option for birthday gifts!

Why get custom mugs from Camaloon?

We've gathered a wide range of mugs for you to personalise, you can choose between different materials and types, have it printed or not, or to even add personalised packaging. Everything in order for you to get your perfect mug.

Another reason is because we are our own manufacturers. That means we take care and put great importance into the entire process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it and shipping it to you, so you can get your personalised mug as fast as within 48h. We aim to provide a seamless shopping experience, so if you need help, reach out to us.

How your company can use our mugs

Resale | Camaloon


One great way to use our mugs is to sell them yourself! Mugs are a great way of merchandising your brand, with simple graphics or full-colour images.

Promotions and giveaways | Camaloon

Promotions and giveaways

Promotional mugs are great products to give away as a part of a promotion. Whether it is to reward loyal clients, attract new ones or even to be included as part of a deal to push the sale of another item, give your customers something they are guaranteed to use.

Corporate use | Camaloon

Corporate use

Promote your brand internally by including custom mugs in your welcome pack for new joiners, giving them a practical gift that makes them feel like a part of the company.

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