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How It Works

1. Pick your mug

1. Pick your mug

Scroll through our wide variety of personalised mugs to find the one that is most suitable for your company's promotional needs and your name, logo, image or slogan will look best on. Choose between photo mugs, coffee mugs, travel mugs or even magic mugs!

2. Personalise your mugs

2. Personalise your mugs

After you've found the perfect mug, decide how many personalised mugs you'll need and get creative! Our online editor allows you to simply add images and/or text in a variety of fonts and colours. Add just one photo or several of your favourite photos to make a photo collage mug. Play with our online tool and see where it takes you!

3. We'll do the rest

3. We'll do the rest

Once you're satisfied with your design, sit back and relax; we'll handle the rest. Camaloon's complimentary quality control will ensure that your personalised mugs look exactly as you imagined them. We also offer express delivery for those in a hurry!

Build Your Brand

Work on your brand identity with advertising mugs.

Personalised mugs for business events

Personalised mugs for business events

Personalised mugs are the perfect promotional gift at any business event. They are both effective marketing tools and something useful to your potential customers. You can personalise mugs made of a variety of materials, including traditional ceramic and high-end stainless steel. A great design and high-quality printing will differentiate your mugs from others.

Convert your prospects into customers with personalised mugs

Convert your prospects into customers with personalised mugs

Having just quality products and/or services is not enough if no one knows about you. Expose your target audience to your company logo to raise awareness about your business and increase brand recognition.

Build loyalty to your customers and collaborators with personalised mugs

Build loyalty to your customers and collaborators with personalised mugs

A personalised mug is a terrific way to show your appreciation towards your existing customers and partners. Your loyal customers and reliable partners are what makes your business successful, so why not say “thank you” with customised mugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use to make mugs?

We use premium-quality, durable ceramic, glass, enamel and metal and stainless steel, as well as eco-friendly bamboo and bamboo fibre.

What to do with old mugs?

If you're feeling crafty, you can upcycle old mugs into candle holders, herb pots, pen organisers, bird feeders and other useful items. Recycling your old mugs is the best thing to do if your mugs are made of recyclable material and you don't feel particularly creative.

Are your mugs dishwasher safe?

Most of our mugs are safe to be washed in a dishwasher at a maximum temperature of 30ºC.

How to clean tea or coffee stains from mugs?

Tannins, which give tea and coffee their flavour, can sometimes leave dark stains inside your mugs. Hand wash your mug with a teaspoon of baking soda, a few drops of lemon juice and a sponge. You'll see results right away!

Are your mugs microwave safe?

This depends on the type of material a particular mug is made of. You should never put metal mugs in a microwave! We also don't recommend microwaving our magic mugs since the colour-changing pigments in their coating may be damaged.

Do you have reusable coffee cups?

To do our small part in environmental protection, we offer a good selection of long-lasting, reusable coffee cups.

How to print on mugs?

You need specialised equipment to print on mugs. This is where Camaloon can help. You can create a design using our simple online design tool, and we'll print it on your mug using the best printing technique for your design.

What are sublimation mugs?

Sublimation mugs are mugs printed with a printing technique that involves printing a full-colour mirror image with a special printer onto special transfer paper and then applying it to a mug with a heat press. Sublimation creates long-lasting designs. We use sublimation to create high-quality photo mugs.

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