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Personalised pencils and pencil cases

A personalised pencil is a cool accessory and a useful tool to keep on hand in the office, at home or at school for drawing or jotting down ideas. They are goodies suitable for all ages.

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Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.
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Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.
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We review your designs

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How Personalised pencils are made?

1. Choose your product

1. Choose your product

Browse our selection of pencils to find one that meets your promotional needs and can be personalised with your name, logo or slogan.

2. Add personalisation

2. Add personalisation

After you've chosen the pencil you like, select how many you'll need and start designing with our online tool! You can personalise your pens by adding images, logos and text in a variety of fonts.

3. We'll do the rest

3. We'll do the rest

Once you're happy with your design, sit back and relax; we'll take care of the rest. Camaloon's complimentary quality control will make sure that your pencils and the design on them look top-notch.

Frequently asked questions on Camaloon’s different personalised pencils and pencil cases

What material can personalised pencils be made of?

Most of our personalised pencils are made of wood, graphite and rubber. Our pencil sets come in cardboard boxes to keep them together and limit possible damage. Aluminium is used to make the long-lasting mechanical pencils that work with a click mechanism and 0.7 lead. And the crayons you can order are made of wax with a paper wrapping to protect your fingers from getting greasy.

Why order personalised pens and pencils?

If you have already discovered our personalised pens, then why not make a lovely set of personalised pens and pencils? Opt for matching colours or choose different types, but give them in a personalised pencil case to make the set complete. Your brand or message will not be easily forgotten with this unique gift.

What printing technique is used to personalise pencils?

There are several types of printing techniques: We mostly use screen printing to personalise pencils and sets (in one or two colours). Full colour digital UV printing is chosen for some pencils. Camaloon’s personalised mechanical pencils and sketching sets ask for a different type of printing technique. We use laser engraving for these products.

Can I order just one set of personalised crayons and pencils?

Most of our mechanical pencils, colour pencil boxes and personalised crayons and pencils have a minimum order quantity of 25. You will see the minimum volume when selecting a specific product and its characteristics. School writing sets and sketching sets, however, have no minimum order quantity. So you are free to order only one set of these.

How can I make my personalised pencils last a long time?

For those of you who enjoy using personalised pencils it’s good to know that not letting them drop is the best advice we can give you. A pencil that hits the floor hard will break the graphite on the inside, so unfortunately the wooden or even metal exterior will not be able to protect it. If you keep writing or sketching with this pencil, you will find that you will be using the pencil sharpener a lot more, because the tip keeps breaking off. For extra safety it is best to keep your pencils, even if you have different types or pens to protect as well, in a pencil case that you can also have personalised.

Why does it make sense to order personalised pencils in bulk?

A pencil is an effective tool that everyone uses. You can find them anywhere in the office or lying around the house. Most companies order personalised pencils in bulk for that exact reason. They want to have sufficient stock available for different types of occasions. The most simple and convincing design is the pencil with your company logo. Another option when getting your pencils personalised is having a date or a few words printed on the side for special celebrations.

What are cheap personalised pencils if I have a limited budget?

A school writing set will cost about £1 and gets even cheaper the more you order, but this set doesn’t even belong to the cheap category of personalised pencils. The Godiva pencil is the cheapest option, and you can order it in 10 different colours to match with your company’s colour or the type of event you are organising.

Pick red for that dating event on Valentine’s Day, and opt for black or white if you want the logo to pop out more. Cheap personalised pencils in the UK will cost around £0.74 a piece with the most expensive printing technique when ordering 500 of them and only £0.23 for that same quantity but with only one colour using the silkscreen printing technique.

How long does it take for my personalised pencils to arrive in the UK?

After selecting the right pencil for you and working on its design, you will proceed with your order and be able to choose a delivery option for your personalised pencils in the UK. Go for whichever of our logistical partners suits your timeframe best. Delivery dates, however, do depend on the type of pencil you have selected, the volume of your order, and where in the UK you want the parcel to be delivered. Delivery usually takes place in only a few business days.

Personalised pencils – one of the most useful products that catch the attention

Buy a personalised pencil – the inexpensive giveaway for different purposes

If there is one promotional product you’d have to choose right now to spread your message or show your company name and logo, then a personalised pencil would undeniably be the best type of investment. Research has shown that something as simple as personalised business pencils can make potential clients or business prospects remember having your pencil once the time has come that they are in need of your service or product. It may take months or even years before they contact you again, but that pencil does its job: promoting what you are good at. For those who have a larger budget at their disposal, there is even the option to match items and order a personalised pen and pencil set.

This is, of course, not your standard giveaway at fairs or other larger events, because you will run out of stock before knowing it. Some people even collect personalised pencils and have a special display case for them. They can have thousands of unique pencils that have never been used at all.

Focus on the design of your personalised photo pencils

Even though all of Camaloon’s personalised pencils are excellent quality pencils, that doesn’t mean you can take the design of the pencil lightly. If it’s just your logo you want printed on a pencil, you only have to worry about the size and if smaller details are still visible. Some companies decide that the first letter in the company’s colour representing their corporate identity is enough for people to make that connection. (like that yellow M that means the same to children and adults all over the world) But what if you are promoting a good cause or want to spread a different type of message?

Compare personalised pencils and pencil cases and you will find that they offer different sizes of printable surfaces. So looking for a gift that is a little more exclusive, then let the guests of your charity event leave with a metal pencil case with not only the charity’s cause printed on it, but also the bank account number. Some people prefer making donations at the end of the year for certain tax benefits, and your custom made pen, pencil or pencil case on their desk will take care of the rest.

How to personalise your pencils with Camaloon’s design tool

Once you have looked at all the options of what types of pencils are available and decided which and how many you want to order, then the question of “How to personalise pencils” is an easy one to answer. Check your computer for logos, photos or other information you want printed on it, and make sure the quality of those elements is suitable for printing. The next step is key for delivering perfect quality pencils. Use a selection or all of the options our digital design tool has to offer and make the most of your creative design by uploading your company information or other details. A preview is shown when you have completed this phase, and after that you are ready to click the button and order. Don’t forget that any text you have added to the design can be printed in different fonts. So play a little with it until you are 100% satisfied with what you see.

Thicker personalised children’s colouring pencils - for better grip

You probably don’t remember that as a child, you had special pencils or crayons. They tend to be thicker, so small hands can get a better grip on them. These personalised children’s colouring pencils, or chunky pencils are available in a round cardboard box or you can order the one with a sharpener in the special top of the same box. There is no greater joy than seeing your adorable toddler draw those first wobbly and coloured lines on paper. There is no telling what it really is at this stage, but it will definitely get a special place on your fridge, maybe even with a personalised magnet.

Another option for children that are a bit older, is the set for painting. You get a box with 10 colouring pencils (not as thick as the ones we mentioned previously though) and 10 watercolours. The box also includes a sharpener for the pencils and brushes to paint with.

Personalised pencils for students – with eraser

Some tests at school are only allowed to be completed with a specific pencil, and that’s where personalised pencils for students come in. The school’s organisation will often use these pencils, because they have the right graphite softness and can easily be recognised. At the beginning of a test the pencils will be on each student’s desk, and when he or she hands in the paper at the end of the test, the pencil will be handed in at the same time. If you thought that cheating with math formulas on a pencil was still possible, then you didn’t have a school that was this clever.

You can even change colours for different tests once your students have discovered your technique to prevent cheating. A different situation that asks for special personalised drawing pencils is the kind of college course where sketching is required. The activity itself and the results can be improved with the right tools. It would be good for a school’s art department to invest in suitable materials when offering these courses. It will boost a student’s creativity and make art classes more challenging as well. Students can discover what different graphite hardness and softness does for their sketching technique and drawing skills.

Personalised pencils for teachers – including pencil case

Can you think of a better gift for that dependable teacher than a personalised teacher pencil with pencil case or pencil box? It can be quite hard to find good teachers that not only do the job, but also wholeheartedly connect with their students. There is this rare group of people that decide to become a teacher (or assistant teacher), it is their calling. And a pen, pencil and personalised pencil case can be your way of expressing your appreciation for their extraordinary work. Our tip: have some words that you hear students say in the hallway about this teacher or your positive feedback be a reflection of what is printed on the pencil case.

Making memories with guests and tables full of personalised wedding pencils

A wedding is a special life event, but sometimes the day goes by so much faster than you would have liked. With hundreds of guests at the reception and wedding party, who says you will have been able to greet them all? Imagine having postcards on all of the dining tables or standing tables later in the evening, and you have personalised wedding pencils for guests to leave you a personal message. You can use your imagination and creativity for the designs of both the postcards and the pencils. Postcards can be printed in sets for each table with different questions or romantic sayings on them. Pencils with your names and the date are a popular design. Another good idea for weddings, especially when the family of both sides haven’t met yet or relatives from abroad are visiting, is guests wearing personalised badges.

Seeing someone for the first time, but being able to call them by their name and knowing how they are related to the bride or groom is a beautiful way of letting your group of beloved guests mingle. You will see the effect of all your personalised wedding items on the photos that have been taken and the postcards they leave behind.

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