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Frequently asked questions about Camaloon’s personalised stickers

Custom stickers and labels made to measure for your shop window, your packaging, your orders, and your clients

Why order your personalised stickers in the entire UK from Camaloon?

Although we are not that bold to say we are the only sticker printing company in the world, we have been printing personalised stickers in the UK for more than 10 years now. Our standard for printing high quality stickers is a direct result from our experience in manufacturing many different promotional items. When you buy your stickers at Camaloon you can enjoy a wide range of stickers with an easy to use design tool and fast delivery options. Just try our unique design template and see how fun and effective personalised stickers are in your campaign.

What type of personalised sticker can I design and order?

Every personalised sticker falls under one of the following categories: you choose by shape, material, occasion or element you want to put the sticker on. The shape of your stickers can be round, rectangular, square or oval. If you want something different than Camaloon’s standard shapes, then that is also possible via the option custom shaped stickers. You choose the finish, cut type and size, and then you personalise the design in the next few steps.

Are there other options or only personalised vinyl stickers?

Besides [personalised vinyl or waterproof stickers]( we also offer clear stickers, paper stickers and polyester stickers.

When to use personalised name stickers or sticker labels?

Remember that conference where no one was wearing a personal or company label? That is exactly the reason why sticker labels have been invented. With personalised sticker labels you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed or the need to ask all these basic questions. Personalised business stickers are just a simple and easy way of showing who you work for and you can compare them with personalised name badges. They make life less of a hassle, and that is why they are an effective tool worth investing in.

What are the advantages of personalised window stickers?

If you want to attach stickers to a glass surface, then it is better not to opt for regular stickers, but to consider personalising Camaloon’s window decals. These do an excellent job of promoting your company or message. You can get any type of window stickers personalised the way you want. One of the most important advantages of a window sticker is the ability to update company information or a product promotion in only a matter of minutes.

How to get your stickers personalised?

Whether your aim is business or pleasure related, having your stickers personalised is easy with our online design tool. Any design you have in mind is possible, of course within the limits of the size of sticker you opt for.

First you make your choice of shape, material or occasion. You then get several options, like for example finish, cuts, type of corners and size, before adding the desired quantity to your shopping cart and personalising your order. During the personalising phase of your stickers you can add elements by uploading a logo or photo or choose to write only text. Text can be changed in size and colour as well as font. Even the background colour can be adapted to your taste. And if you want to add icons or clip art those options are also available in Camaloon’s sticker design tool.

After checking your design and being happy and content with it, you will order your stickers and Camaloon’s printing experts will go to work to complete and send your order.

The best quality vinyl stickers

The best quality vinyl stickers

Personalise vinyl stickers with your logo, photos, and designs.

Add something special to your promotions with polyester stickers

Add something special to your promotions with polyester stickers

If you are looking to make an impact with large quantities, polyester is the best material. Your stickers will be made to measure and at the best price.

Maximum quality
Maximum quality

Articles of maximum quality.

Easy personalisation
Easy personalisation

Create and edit your designs from our online tool.

We review your designs
We review your designs

We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.

Express delivery
Express delivery

Receive your order in record time. Delivery with tracking.

How to use personalised stickers in your business

Printed stickers to show your brand in any situation

The advantages of Cameloon’s personalised stickers

Ordering personalised Christmas, wedding or birthday stickers and where to put them

So it is not really a question of when to buy personalised Christmas stickers, but more about what the ideal place is for them. They can spread a little extra joy during the festive season at the end of the year on flower bouquets or letters. You can also think of personalised wedding stickers to thank your guests for coming to the wedding with a small goodie bag with thank you note and present. Or what about letting everyone in the neighbourhood know one of your parents is turning 60 with some funny (or compromising, you decide) personalised birthday stickers? Even personalised hen party stickers can bring a smile to the face of the lady in question and her entourage. There is an occasion for every type of event, big or small, as long as you make the message and/or picture on the sticker personal.

Designing personalised label stickers with a simple yet effective design tool

You don’t just want any sticker that you can buy at some office supplies store. You prefer personalised label stickers that you can design yourself. Camaloon’s state-of-the-art printing machines allow you to add any design element you want. Find that perfect photo or company logo, add a slogan or short message and start incorporating them in your sticker design. The tool allows you to change any element up until the point where you push the final order button.

Differences in personalised sticker materials - it should suit your purpose

The vinyl stickers are high resistance, and they are ideal for long-term use. They stick well to any surface and are waterproof. Paper stickers are more affordable, but they are only for short-term use. Paper stickers should not be applied to any outside surface unless it’s for temporary purposes. The clear sticker is the same as the vinyl sticker, but it doesn’t have a white background. The see-through effect adds something special to this sticker and the vinyl characteristics make it more durable than the paper ones. Polyester stickers are quality wise somewhere in between the paper and vinyl material. They are not laminated and therefore less thick than vinyl stickers. Polyester stickers, however, offer good value for money when ordering large quantities.

The simplest form of branding – cheap personalised company logo stickers

There are many options when wanting your logo published on something people will remember. Cheap personalised sticker options are: personalised logo stickers, personalised magnets or personalised pens, and these are only some of the cheaper examples of promotional items. If you have more budget and you are not looking for a cheap solution, or if you prefer a more diverse range of products, you can go for personalised mugs or personalised hats or caps. These will do the trick for your promotional campaign. One of the most effective and cost efficient (or cheap) ways to show your logo, however, is having your logo printed on a sticker. You decide what material, shape and size you want. The only thing you need to look for on your company computer is that high resolution logo.

Personalised business stickers for any occasion

If you want personalised business stickers to be used during a specific company event you can even add the name and date of the event to the sticker that already carries your logo. For example, a business that is organising an open house at the factory can use two types of stickers on the day of the event: one for employees that know the directions and safety instructions on the premises and one for visitors who are unfamiliar with the location. Business stickers are an indispensable promotional item, and if your budget is tight, consider reserving at least a part of that budget for a well-chosen sticker design. It is a cheap, yet effective tool to draw the attention to your company and products or services.

Never go out of style with personalised teacher stickers

If there is one thing that makes you smile, then it’s thinking back of the time in school when you got a sticker to motivate you or to show the progress you had made. And as personalised teacher stickers are a trend right now, why not give them your personal touch? As a teacher you know your students, you know what you can do for them to let them take that extra little step, and you can use this knowledge to design your personal stickers. You don’t have to throw the stickers away at the end of the school year, because motivational stickers can be effective and thoughtful every year, even though there is a new group of students in front of you.

Designing personalised stickers for teachers or any other motivational purpose

It is really not that difficult to come up with an idea for your stickers. Personalised stickers for teachers can be as different as the people that create them. Just think of the students who could be affected by the message on your sticker and write a word or motivational sentence that will impact them. You can always opt for the ‘thumbs up’ picture or choose any other clipart or photo to reach your goal, as long as you stick to that goal and design from the heart.

Choose any amount of personalised sticker prints - order large volumes or just a single one

Of course Camaloon has the capacity to print large volumes, but it doesn’t end there. Although our facilities are designed to mainly print for companies, we are here for every individual as well. Once you have selected the shape or material of your stickers, you will then go to the next phase and pay attention to the design of your personalised sticker. Each sticker description will show if there is a minimum volume for your order, or if you can also order just one. The volume mostly depends on the size of the sticker. Larger stickers can be ordered in smaller quantities than smaller stickers.

Clever or creative use of a personalised wall sticker

When it comes to personalised wall stickers (also called decals) there are plenty of options to make it match your purpose. An event or emergency could call for decals, but also a start-up may find them useful to work on its image. People remember logos, words and colours that touch them in some way or another, so you’d better pay attention when designing your wall sticker. Want an original present for your son’s birthday? Make a personalised dinosaur wall sticker if he is still in that phase or design a personalised wall sticker of the two of you camping under the stars or catching your first fish together. Not a boy, but a girl in the family? Make a personalised rainbow wall sticker with unicorns and fairies for your little princess and see her face light up every time she walks into her bedroom. The advantages of wall stickers like these are that they can easily be replaced. Your little boy grows up? Have his favourite car printed on a wall sticker. Your princess turns into a teenager that loves not horses, but boy bands? Buy her tickets to the concert and have a wall sticker printed with not only a picture of the band, but also her name and date and place of the concert written on it.

Personalised car stickers - an imperative for any successful business

Research has shown that companies spend too much of their promotional budget on updating their company information after moving. With personalised car stickers you don’t have to worry about having to repaint your company cars. All you need to do is remove the old sticker, order a new one with updated information and stick it in the same place as before. Advantages are bountiful: you can keep the logo, but change information or add seasonal promotions when driving around and spreading the word. Isn’t a company car with a car sticker one of the best ways to improve visibility? You can add (or leave out) specific colours depending on the season.

You make your design unique – Camaloon’s professional printing machines take care of the rest of your personalised stickers

As you have seen from all the examples of personalised stickers there are absolutely no limits and you can let your imagination go wild. Once you have registered, scroll through the options and check what other items might be of interest to you. You can use your Camaloon account for business purposes or be creative and make it more personal for family events. Create personalised bike stickers for your child’s bike, so it will recognise it quicker or to give a second-hand bike a makeover. Are you taking your organising skills to the next level when moving from one house to another or helping your office relocate? Make plenty of stickers with rooms, departments or personalised name stickers to stick on moving boxes so they can be placed in the right location after arriving at the new address. This will motivate co-workers or family members to do their part and make your life a hell of a lot easier when the moving date comes closer.

Let us help you to make your promotions most effective with personalised stickers

At Camaloon, our custom sticker printing services are second to none. We offer absolute freedom for you to design and create your ideal personalised stickers. By using our easy-to-use online design tools, you can create the design you had in mind. And, before committing you will see a preview of the end result. Use these design tools for many of the promotional items that we offer at Camaloon. Our printing expertise includes textile printing. Take a look at our high-quality T-shirts and tote bags. We print with either DTG or silkscreen printing methods. With a few of our products, you could make the most out of any promotional occasion.

We offer many promotional items you can use for promotional activities. Personalised Badges work well at any event. Everyone will wear your logo. We also offer personalised T-shirt at very competitive prices. Using either DTG printing or silkscreen printing so your logo and message look perfect. We use these printing techniques on personalised logo tote bags so you can create a beautiful design and print it on various items to drive home your promotional efforts. Printing your brand in a stylish and attractive way on essential and popular products is a proven way of increasing brand awareness and company growth.

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